Is Huel safe for sensitive intestine


I am about to buy first fuel powder for test. I can’t eat gluten, so only gluten-free option is possible. Besides that I have let say “sensitive intenstine”. Usually I dont eat legumes because of gases. I read, that powder contains pea’s proteins. My question is, if is that safe for me? I would not spent money just to throw it to the dust bin after 1 meal :wink:



It’s difficult to say without knowing exactly what it is that causes you issues. Whole pea is not used, like you said it is pea protein so you may not have a problem. It’s possible you have an issue with FODMAPs, Huel is low in FODMAPs.

Actually rather than IBS I got gluten’s sensitiveness and I just need to avoid “amplifying gas production” food. I read, that in pea main gas indicator are oligosaccharides. If huel is low in FODMAP, then I would probably give it a try.

You got it! The “O” in FODMAP stands for oligosaccharides. Pea protein has the oligosaccharides removed and separated during processing.

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Hmm…that could be a problem. I think Johnny Fartpants from Viz endorses Huel.

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Depending on what you’re used to eating you may experience a lot of gas and even diarrhoea at the beginning with Huel. I ate only vegan and a lot of fiber before and I only do Huel for breakfast so I haven’t had any adverse experiences, but I do get a more noticable urge for a lunch-time dump which tends to be looser than normal after my morning Huel.

A lot of people bear witness to tummy troubles but those will pass as you get used to the new food, so my advice is start with Huel only once a day, and maybe only a small meal (50-75 grams) and work your way up.

Don’t give up if you react badly the first few days, that is normal and might not be related to your sensitivity. If the problem persists after two weeks without increasing your intake then Huel might not be for you, but give it a real try. I highly recommend it!

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