Ok.. 😆 What about Flatulance?

Sorry to bring this up… But is it the peas that are doing this? Is it the fine mix and the bacteria are thriving? Is it because I add other foods as well? Is this a good sign?

I mix my huel with spelt cereal flakes and bran flakes and add in a bit of pukka psyllium husk mix.

Any other thoughts?

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Im on 100% Huel, and I know what you are talking about (well alongside my regular coffee input)

It doesn’t seem to be all of the time, I had considered that it may be either drinking it too quickly or having too much at once (for my personal chemistry) - but I haven’t really done much testing of that

They wont let me in the lift at work now :wink:


You might be getting too much fibre if you add psyllium husk to it.

But I tend to get far less flatulence during the day when I’m drinking Huel, but some awful flatulence in the evening after I’ve had my evening meal. So I’m not quite sure whats going on either.

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I noticed this big time when I tried Joylent and Queal - to the point where I thought the neighbours might start complaining!! Huel doesn’t seem to cause anywhere near as much window rattling for me. :smiley:


Well I’m glad it’s not just me. A biological answer would be useful. I like adding crunch to my huel hence the bran flakes, maybe I could try less fibre flakes like cornflakes.

I drink fresh coffee too.

Just do a quick search with regards to sucralose and gut flora…

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Maybe the best option is to get the unflavoured version and then buy the flavour packs, because they contain Stevia instead of Sucralose.

I have always had great winds before I tried Huel, and in the first months I found that they decreased both in magnitude and frequency.
Lately I have been experiencing a comeback, even though I have switched to the unflavoured version since it’s available. So this would likely rule out the sweetener causing it. I also think that this increase could either be the result of the slight increase in the portions (from 100g to 125g poweder with about 5-600ml water) or a change in the exact components in Huel. @Julian mentioned actually that there could be a slight variation in the source of the components

Here is an answer I gave to another question which could partly explain this issue. Basically, you body is adjusting and it’s a passing phase.

I was listening to podcast which mentioned the super size me experiment. In which the person said that at first morgan spurlock didn’t get on too with so much mcdonadls but once his gut / microbiome adjusted he “felt” better. The theory is as we fed our bodies certain food, the microbiome which thrives on that food “have the capacity to manipulate behaviour and mood through altering the neural signals”. Source: https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2014/08/116526/do-gut-bacteria-rule-our-minds

So if you are consuming one type of diet, e.g. junk food and switch to a healthy whole food, your microbiome which is living off the junk food might react and trigger feeling bad or craving junk food as they fight to survive, but I don’t think you will be become intolerant, it’s just a passing phase while your guy adjusts.


That’s a really interesting article, though it is cautious on it’s claims.

I have noticed now my cravings have ebbed away a fair amount, and my desire to exercise more has increased.

Moving into month two I may see a weight loss, hopefully.

You are right that my windyness has decreased after a while.

Am on the original one.:smiley: @Marcus

Hi Geri,

Have you calculated how many calories you should be consuming per day? Are you consuming 500 less than that amount?

Yes and no… I guess I need to be more accurate. Going to chat to GP later today. First gym session… My I’m so unfit!

The calories are super important for losing or gaining weight. Precision is important. Read here: http://huel.com/pages/how-to-use-huel#Step%201

The leanest I ever got was during a 3 month period when I planned out and weighed all my food, every bit! 500 deficit every day without fail, no cheat days.

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Thanks for that. I was going to ask you for a quick link there. My GP and I have worked out that when I am stressed my will power goes and I forget what I’m eating… I’ve been experiencing high amounts of stress recently, though I am a calm person so it seems to only show in the amount of calories consumed. So I will follow the measuring and weighing guidelines… Of course if I burn 500 calories at the gym in addition, that will be even better !

Just to throw in my experience; 100% huel weekdays and maybe 50% give or take on weekends, on the original formula; no noticeable flatulance (I mean, sure, occasionally, but not often and no more than usual). Perhaps I’m in the minority though.

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Continuing the discussion from Ok… :laughing: What about Flatulance?:

Mine has now settled down as @Julian said it would.

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Just sending respect for the Brazil reference. *****

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That there is what true healthy smells like. Go on, take a deep breath and enjoy it :grinning:

I have generally experienced that it has gone down when eating powered foods like Joylent and Huel. I think it is really personal, and we all react differently because of gut bacteria composition. Maybe this is a thing where Huel could put a poll on the forum, just to see if there are some general patterns.