Is living off 100% Huel the same, as eating the healthiest meal in the world every day?


But that would be incorrect. They were first sold commercially in 1994 - they weren’t developed in 1994. That began around the late 60s to early 70s.

It’s literally not though, from India alone billions of lives have been saved by GMOs. Just read this, it explains better than I would.


I like Huel. There are some changes, well improvements I would like to see though.

Phytonutrients - more of them. There are loads, but only a couple in Huel. Even a standalone phytomix would be ok being optional to add to Huel.

B12: Increased to somewhere along 500-1000% of RDI. Many people are deficient and higher doses pose no toxic risk.

D: Increased to 800-1500% of RDI. Huel is sold in UK/Europe/USA only IIRC. Most people in those areas get nowhere enough vit D. Upper Tolerable Limit is very high, this means no toxic risk but highly beneficial for many people.

Sodium: Increased. If possible, in regards to taste. Some people get headaches on Huel, often solved by adding some salt. Salt is so low in Huel that I see no harm adding a tiny bit more, if taste isnt affected.

About other vitamins/minerals I am not sure enough to comment on them individually but, I reckon they should be reviewed to see if changed doses could be beneficial. I wouldn’t know. However I do know about B12 and D so I would like to see those in higher doses! Yes it’s easy to supplement, fine. But as it poses no threat to people, but benefit to many it’s a good idea. Also many people use Huel to get the nutrition instead of taking a milkshake + a multivitamin pill.

Make a ketogenic powder. Keto is great for many people (not everyone), not only for weight loss but more stable energy levels, improved mental stamina, diabetics, so on. I would love a product for those who wants that.

TLDR: additional phytos (possibly as standalone), more vit D+B12. Investigate if other vits/mins could be beneficial in higher doses. Slightly more salt if taste can handle it. Keto as a new product line.


Huel is not a product designed to rectify potential vitamin or mineral deficiencies though. You can’t just ramp up certain nutrients and force them on everybody just because somebody may have a deficiency in something. If you did, the nutritional profile would become a complete free for all. You mentioned you can supplement, and that is exactly what supplements are for.

Private blood tests for common biomarkers are now quite cheap (cheap if you take your health seriously). Huel makes up around half my calories and to be honest the other half are not generally quality food, yet my “active B12” results were in the normal range. My vitamin D was low (which was actually the reason I wanted a test doing because my energy levels often drop off the cliff mid-week), and calcium was a bit low. I will fix these with supplements, I cannot and wouldn’t expect Huel to fix them based on only being 50% Huel. If I was 100% Huel without a deficiency to start with, I can expect Huel to maintain them correctly.


I understand the points you made but I feel as you missunderstand me. I’m not saying Huel should be a product aimed at correcting deficenies, that should be done under medical supervision and even if Huel did that, it would be a temporary product to use, and would need to be individually tailored to everyones needs.

What I am saying is that these ranges of B12 and D aren’t in order to correct deficency; it’s to thrive. (Again, those doses are zero risk to anyone, however I would argue it should be baseline in our part of the world to thrive). Imagine living exclusively on Huel. Would you be deficient? Probably not. Would you thrive? Possibly not. There is a difference here IMO. That is what I am trying to explain. If those doses are in worst case of no difference to your health, and best case improves your health then where is the harm?


Version 2.4 is coming after the recommendations hahah


@Squizzle But this is already done. To create the NRV’s every single vitamin and mineral has been tested and a value has been worked out that if adhered to 95% of the population will be healthy. This is the foundation for how Huel has been formulated. Where there is significant and overriding evidence to say that higher amounts are healthier and without consequence, a higher amount has been included in Huel. You can see this by looking at the label.

There is no difference between healthy and to “thrive”.


I always add salt


I never add salt but I do drink raw cider vinegar containing the mother every day. And I like chips.