Is new Huel two or three scoops? I always use 3. Love it

It’s 200kcal per scoop now (it used to 167kcal per scoop iirc)

Yep a 400kcal meal is 2 of the new scoops.

Small meal 400kcal 2 scoops
Normal meal is 600kcal 3 scoops

I’m still using the 3 to 4 old scoops.


There are 2 different sizes of scoop! (Im not sure everyone reading is aware of this).

-The old scoop with near vertical sides = 3 scoops (as written on the old bags)
-The new scoop, visibly sloped sides, =2 scoops (as written on the new bags)

both the new and the old bags are 400kcal per 100g.

I ordered a new scoop with my order (first V3 order but had lots of Huel before), 2 of the new scoops came with this order.

To add to potential confusion the new scoop has x3 on the bottom of it.

plus it appears there are two shapes of the new size scoop for extra fun and games

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…and the video says three scoop (as it was filmed with the old size scoop) yet all the info on the page has been updated with the new larger size scoop.

Just follow the information for the new scoop. You just need to know how many cal per scoop, then that will settle how many scoops you need :stuck_out_tongue:

The old original scoop holds 38g of powder so used 3 scoops for your meal.

The newer.scoops are 50g of powder so only requires 2 scoops for your meal.
To add to the confusion the 50g scoops come in 2 shapes apparently straight sided (the ones I have) and tapered as per the image in the booklet / back of the packaging.

Yet to had more confusion I’m on black so only require 90g of powder so use 1 scoop from the 50g pot & 1 from the 38g pot.

Will scoopgate never end? :woman_facepalming:


Do you all use the provided scoops? I use weighing scales and whatever spoon or cup is handy. Got to weigh out the almond milk anyway.

I use 50g for breakfast, 125g for lunch and 150g for my waybread.

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I always use 3 heaped scooops of the older scoop when preparing my Huel.

I thought it was flat scoops?

#scoopgate continues…

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I kinda love the amount we talk about scoops. Us Hueligans are interested in the weirdest stuff!

Yes absolutely. The old scoop isn’t going into orders anymore though. I’ve written a post here to explain:

Maybe I could tag my question in here. I always weigh the Huel out so I don’t worry about the scoop side of things. But this is scoop-related.

I have received my first ever mini flavour boost pack this afternoon and on them it says to use 3 scoops and 600ml of water. Normally I use 100g of Huel and 500ml of water. So do I ignore the scoop thing and tip the full 3g in my 100g/500ml mixture?

I guess you’ll just have to experiment to get the flavour balance you like - I ended up using a decent teaspoon size - 5/6g - as I prefer a stronger taste when I use them.

Thanks, will do.

May I ask which is your favourite of the flavours?

Gingerbread followed by Apple & Cinnamon and then Banana. least favourite is Choc Cherry which I find has a very synthetic taste.