Is Original Vanilla still weird?

… my first order ever was original vanilla, it was really sweet; tasted kind of like pudding or custard. Then on my second order they tasted like U/U, extremely weak vanilla and sweetener.

I’m not really sure which batch was faulty, but they were so different that one is bound to be “normal”… which is it though? I miss that (first) flavour but I can’t stand getting the “almost-UU” again. It was nasty!

Original crew, help me out.

I hope it’s going to be nice because I added a bag to my next order so I can try it :thinking:

Apart from minor differences which I attribute to the variation in the natural ingredients, I haven’t noticed any change in original Vanilla since I started buying it years ago.

I haven’t tried any that uses the revised flavour system though (Original v2.3 recipe changed – with added salt?)

How would you describe the flavour and level of sweetness (compared to new vanilla, if you tried that)

Like comparing the level of flavour and sweetness between an Apple and an Orange. They’re completely different flavours.

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I’d agree there, they taste very different. I am lucky in that I like both versions, many users I see on the forum really like one and dislike the other.

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I am hoping I like both. If not I can always flavour it.

I find that Original has a very subtle vanilla flavour and the sweetener taste is very strong. Almost tastes like cheap vanilla ice cream with a bucket of extra flavourless sweetener chucked in!
I find it mixes better with flavour boosters due to its lack of much flavour.
The New vanilla tastes to me more like vanilla toffee. It has a much more intense flavour and therefore the sweetener is less obvious.
I think the new vanilla is nicer to drink on its own. And the original is nicer to mix with other stuff if you want sweetness but no other flavour to distort whatever you are adding.

Personally my favourite combo is one scoop of u/u, one scoop original and one scoop new vanilla!

I’d say just add one bag of original to your next order and see what you think. If it’s not that nice on its own just mix it with your new vanilla or flavour boosts


I think theres a chance that in the Great Huel Shortage of 2018 a fortnight ago they may have tampered with the standard measurements to be able to get the orders out…?

If that’s the case, I have no idea what original original tastes like because all my orders came just after The Great Drought!


Honestly agree with all of the above. I don’t think the (new) Vanilla doesn’t mix well with our Flavour Boosts, but what I was finding with Original was that I was always mixing with Flavour Boosts, whereas with (new) Vanilla is that I’m having it mostly on it’s own.

@Squizzle, let’s not kid ourselves, we’re all a little weird. :upside_down_face: