Is the clear Huel shaker microwave safe?


I want to try my huel with warm milk but just want to see if the basic huel shaker is safe to use for 30 seconds in the microwave?

Thank you.

I doubt they’re microwavable if I’m honest. They’re plastic so probably can’t handle it.

More important is that Huel is not microwavable. Doing so will destroy some of the nutrients and oxidise the fats so generally not recommended!

I was going to microwave the milk then add the huel after. Shake and drink. Is this not advised?

As long as the milk isn’t boiling hot that’s fine! Boiling water does the same much to the annoyance of all.

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You want to shake a hot liquid?!? Good luck, bro! :smiling_imp:

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I have successfully warmed up Huel in the microwave.
That being said, the dangers are twofold: first, there’s the damage to nutrients that can occur, though my understanding is that it depends on the duration and power setting; then there’s the “closed container” problem, my MW isn’t high enough to handle the container upright with the lid open so I ended up putting it on the side with the lid closed. Which means that if it gets hot enough it’ll pop the lid open and make a mess.

@Gulliver, why is Huel itself not microwavable? AFAIK nutrients might be destroyed by temperature, but since there’s water, the highest it could go is 100 centigrade while it boils (and that’s probably not what I want to do with Huel). I’ve read an article that says most nutrients are quite safe up to ~90 degrees and the first one to go vitamin C.
In any case it seems difficult to loose more nutrients while warming up in a MW oven than while making Huel cookies.

Granted the article is about Soylent, but the nutrients are quite the same I’d guess.

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