Is the glue vegan?

I received an interesting question from a student today:

Is the glue used to stick the label to the Huel pouch vegan? Related to this, what about the rest of the packaging, e.g. the ink?

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Interesting question, but also, let’s not let the great become the enemy of the good.

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Sorry for the delay in responding to this, we were just getting written confirmation from our packaging manufacturer.

Although I would echo @Quidditch’s point. It is not always possible to go down the whole production line to ensure that every stage is vegan. Huel powder and the bar are vegan, we are not saying that every area of our production is vegan. We will do everything we can to ensure that, when options are available, we would select the option with least impact on animals and the environment, sometimes that option is just not available.

Saying that, we use a food grade adhesive in our pouches which contains no animal based ingredients. The ink is also free of any animal ingredients.

I hope this helps.