Is there a way to order the old flavour boosts?

I was pretty stoked when the new flavour boosts got announced and ordered all of them to try them out. I haven’t tried them all yet but they seem to be missing the sweetness from the old ones. Our favourite from before was mocha. The new one, beside the lack of sweetness, is just weird tasting to us. The changes in the other regulars are also disappointing to us. Some of them were perfect as they were like for example mint choc.

I like the apple cinnamon new flavour but it seems to be missing sweetness too. We are using it with U/U as we like to steer clear from sucralose.

Now, we have 8 bags of U/U we need to get through before deciding what to do next so my question is; is it possible to buy some of the old stock.

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Also hi, I am new to this place but have been using Huel for a few months now.


I completely agree - the old flavour boosts were perfect for those of us who like the taste of stevia but don’t like or want sucralose.
The old ones were perfect mixed into UU.
My favourites were: cacao, mint-choc, mocha and caramel

The new ones are definitely designed to work only with original or vanilla powder, but I hate the taste of the sucralose.

I do understand that lots of people complained that the old flavour boosts had a ‘bitter’ taste because some peoples taste buds don’t like stevia.
But there are plenty premix flavours for people who prefer the sucralose taste.

Those of us with stevia-liking, sucralose-hating taste buds are now left without any flavours because the new ones don’t work well in UU.

Considering half the flavours of the new boosts are already available as premixes, I can’t understand the logic of this change.
The new ones are just a duplication now of the premixes when mixed into original or vanilla.

What about those of us that like stevia?
And don’t like sucralose…

We need our old boosters back, they were perfect :ok_hand:t2:

Add some stevia??


The flavours are different tho, even with added sweetness (stevia or sugar). They are more like the premixes. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, especially as they need to be added to the ones with sucralose for the flavour to work.

Tbh I am loving the new flavour boosts far more than I expected. Know what you mean though, they do need Original or Vanilla to get the best out of them or add a little extra sweetener of your own choice. Perhaps honey would work too, if it suits.

PS I think they are different to the premixes, with the exception of Banana, though the Banana fb is a stronger flavour. Tastes sort of in between Banana premix and old Banana fb.


I don’t want to increase the GI of my Huel really by adding sugar or honey. I may try coconut nectar

You just need to add more of the Flavour Boost, the guidance to add 1tsp per 3 scoops of Huel is recommendation with Vanilla Huel. Clearly with the sweetener already in the Vanilla that will enhance the Flavour Boost more, they wok together.

If using with the Taster Pack then just make a half sized portion of U/U Huel to make sure you get the full flavour! Then you can make a decision on which large pack you buy.

Nope, they were optimised for both. You just need to add more if using Unflavoured.

I don’t understand this, the Flavour Boosts still include Stevia. We’ve just brought it down a little to make the taste more natural.

80% isn’t a little:

I disagree, the flavour doesn’t come out well without a little sweetener. I’m going to try adding a little of my own stevia or some coconut nectar and see if that helps.
HOWEVER, today I have discovered Apple and Cinnamon which is INCREDIBLE.
Knocks the socks off all the old and new flavour boosts (well except cacao :wink:) and all the premixes.
This is going to be my new firm favourite - absolutely incredible :blush::yum::drooling_face::ok_hand:t2:

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I just wanted to add that I’m also using Flavour Boosts with Unflavoured Huel, and I tried Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, and Salted Caramel.

They all tasted great to me with the proportion of 3g Flavour per 100g U&U Huel, but I guess the taste is a bit subjective, and in general, I don’t like sweet things.

I tried the Berry, Banana and Apple Cinnamon today and added some stevia to it. Berry tastes like a drink called Fristi here in Holland and was actually good. Apple cinnamon is also a good new Booster. Banana is spectacular imo when you add some extra stevia to it in U/U. It ditches the old, okay-ish but synthetic like taste for a more natural “overly-ripe” banana taste, class!

Yesterday I tried the new mocha but that didn’t feel like an improvement to me. I will try again tomorrow to check with extra stevia. Same for choc-mint. Salted Caramel tastes like something we call “drop” over here. Bit of a downgrade when compared to the regular caramel.

Maybe I was doing this whole Huel thing wrong but my approach was U/U as a base and every shake a different Flavour Boost. It looks a bit like it is considered to be a bit of an extra taster by the company itself instead of the fundamental taste of your shake. Otherwise they wouldn’t just make such a drastic change to the formula.

Same, can stomach stevia a lot better.

Experimenting with it. But appears to be VERY expensive :slight_smile:

Coconut sugar? Palm sugar?

I dont feel this is true, I added something like 6 grams to U/U. The taste of the Flavour is good as is, but a bit hollow without the sweetness.


I just tried Strawberry with UU and it didn’t taste great :frowning: I could still notice the strong pea protein and oats flavor, with a very light strawberry essence on top, so I believe this one will work much better in Vanilla Huel.

probably as well the FB’s are still sweetened with Stevia and not Sucralose then.

Couldn’t agree more. I tried the mocha for the first time yesterday and had to pour it down the drain. It’s really disappointing what they have done to the flavours. What company gets a consumer base hooked on a flavour and then completely changes it?! Madness.

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