Stevia amounts in Flavour Boosts


I’m wondering how much Steviol Glycosides the new flavors boosts contain per gram.

I found an old post (Stevia and Sucralose - quantities in both Vanilla and Flavour Pouches?) where @JamesCollier said it’s between 24 and 28mg per 1g of flavor. Is that still correct?

If so, I’m wondering if it will be safe to eat 500g of UU Huel + 15g of Flavour Boosts per day. I found this document from the World Health Organization ( where it says:

The Committee concluded that the
new data were sufficient to allow the additional safety factor of 2 and the
temporary designation to be removed and established an ADI for steviol glycosides of 0– 4 mg/kg bw expressed as steviol.

If we do the maths:

  • 15g of Flavour Boost x 24mg of Steviol Glycosides/g = 360mg of Steviol Glycosides/day

Considering an average-weight person of 70Kg, the maximum amount of Steviol Glycosides/day this person should be consuming is:

  • 70Kg x 4 mg/kg bw = 280mg of Steviol Glycosides/day

So, consuming 15g of Flavour Boosts per day, we will be consuming 80mg more of Steviol Glycosides than the maximum recommended amount by the World Health Organization.

Can you please let me know if I should be concerned about that?

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I know the new flavour boosts contain a much smaller amount of steviol glycosides.
I’m not sure of the exact amount but by the taste I can tell it’s been reduced quite significantly.

There’s some more info in this post here

@Dan_Huel may be able to give you the exact amounts (?)

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The Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) is NOT the maximum safe amount to consume per day - it is the amount of a substance that people can consume in food or beverages on a daily basis over the course of their entire life without any appreciable risk to health.

The ADI set for steviol glycosides is expressed as steviol equivalents of 4 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. This equates to approximately 12 mg of high purity stevia extracts per kilogram of body weight per day.

To put the ADI for high-purity stevia glycosides into perspective, a 70 kg person would need to consume approximately 40 packets of a tabletop stevia sweetener per day for the rest of their life to reach the ADI.

The ADI was established using a safety factor of 100, which includes a 10 times factor to account for potential differences between humans and animal species used in toxicological testing, and a 10 times factor to account for potential differences within the human population, such as between children and adults.

Therfore any potential increased susceptibility of children compared to adults to steviol glycosides has been proactively addressed in the establishment of the ADI. Some of the studies used to establish the ADI demonstrated that daily doses of steviol glycosides as high as 1,000 milligrams per person per day were well-tolerated by both healthy people with normal glucose metabolism and those with type-2 diabetes.


Hi Ivan,

We don’t give the exact amounts anymore as this is confidential between suppliers, ourselves and the recipe itself.

There has been over an 80% reduction in the amount of stevia from the old to the new flavour boosts, so you shouldn’t be concerned.

I found Huel’s level of transparency around its ingredients and nutritional info impressive. This “confidentiality” is disappointing, please reconsider this policy for the sake of transparency and user trust.

There is still an incredible amount of transparency in the ingredients and nutritional information, for example: There needs to be some level of confidentiality or there wouldn’t be a company.

If there is a level of stevia that you do not want to hit, please let us know and we will help to accommodate your request.

Providing the exact amounts of ingredients is highly unusual and the vast majority of companies do not do this. I’d be surprised if you can find a company that provides as much transparency as Huel e.g you won’t know the amount of flour or chicken in a sandwich even if you can see the separate ingredients.


Thanks Dan!

It’s good to see you managed to create new Flavour Boosts with an 80% reduction in the amount of stevia. Great improvement!

I’m looking forward to receiving the first order of new flavor boosts and see if they taste as amazing as people mentioned.

Let me know what you’re favourite flavour is! I think gingerbread is the winner for me.