Huel Black Stevia Content

Hi there. I was wondering how many mg of stevia was used in the huel black edition. I looked for this info but couldn’t seem to find it.

Hey Rishi, we don’t disclose the amount of each ingredient in Huel, that’s our secret!

Is there a particular reason you are asking this question and maybe I can help you another way?

Thanks for the reply Dan. The reason I ask is because I have learnt that an acceptable daily intake of stevia is 4mg/kg per day. Of course it may not be an accurate value as an acceptable daily intake but for now I will take it.

I just wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t be taking too much over this intake. Considering I am 65kg, then I’d not be wanting over for 260mg of stevia a day.

If huel black was to have considerably greater amounts of stevia, then I’d be tempted to refrain and even cut down my use of it - just thought it would be handy info to know how much of something I am putting into my body.

Don’t worry haha I’m not trying to steal your recipe.