Stevia safety

How much stevis is in a serving of huel black edition? My son is 8yrs at 32kg and daughter 17yrs is 49kg. I want to use huel as every other day supplement to help ensure we are gettibg most vitamins we can in our diets. Is the amount of stevia safe and not exceed 4mg per kg rec?

I don’t know enough about Stevia to comment on that (interested to learn more) but as a parent on 100% Huel Black Edition, my view is that even a single 400 calorie serving of BE is not a good idea for my child (9 years old, active, 42kg) because of the high protein content. I am fine with half a scoop of BE mixed into porridge, H&S three times a week, and the occasional RTD. I fear 40g protein in one serving on any kind of regular basis is asking a child’s kidneys to do too much. I think I’d want my child to be a 60kg+ teenager before I consider a full serving of BE, but what do I know, just my 2p worth.

Thank you for commenting…actually was going to do a portion only of a serving after doing calculations for protein, sodium, any insoluable vitamins, stevia amount …etc still doing my research on, but came acrossan article on stevia and couldn’t find amount there was in huel. Parenting is not easy these days!!! So much info out there

Hello there is a section in the guides for amounts that they recommend for children of different ages.

Regarding the specific amount in the product, the recipe isn’t open source and part of their intellectual property, so unless the amount of an ingredient is a regulatory requirement on the labelling, they won’t say (many have asked before).

Thanks!!! I will take a look

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As Phil said, we can’t give out our secret formula but I can confirm that even at 2000 calories (which we wouldn’t recommend for children), the amounts are well within the recommended guidelines :blush:

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