Safe to consume Huel Black heavily?

I need around 2500 kcal a day, I can get in around 550 kcal of a solid meal which still leaves 1950 calories to fill up for the day, I was wondering if it is safe to consume Huel black 5x per day (500g per day) to fill the rest of those 2000 calories or would there be some better/safer alternatives?

Safer mainly as in there are obviously chemicals, stevia/processed in there so thats my main concern. Love the product still

Hey @suppsj, welcome to the Huel forum.

You can consume 2000kcal of Huel per day, whether this is “better” depends on what you’d be eating otherwise. Huel is better than most meal deals for example, but a homecooked varied diet is best.

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Thanks Dan for the reply.
While undoubtedly whole foods are the best naturally speaking, is there any specific concern with having 80% of your diet from Huel Black? Concern as in, anything that could be a problem (anything really, say from the chemicals, etc, considering longevity++)?

Thank you

If 2000kcal are above or enough for your 80% of the calories, I’d be confident it’s not. I’m not at that point but people went 100% Huel and didn’t have problems. I think it will really depends, in the end, by your body and how it reacts to such diet. I’d give it a go for a few weeks or a month, see how you feel and then decide whether to continue or not :slight_smile:

No, we regularly test our raw materials and final products and the compounds that we test are within safe limits.

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Thank you all

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