Is it okay to have an entirely-Huel Black Edition diet?

I’m talking like 6-8 servings a day. I’ve inputted the calorific and nutritional details into my Samsung Health app and it has noted high intake on some areas like calcium, sodium, and iron.

I donate blood so the iron should level itself out, and I work-out semi-regularly. Am I good to go?

Huel black is fine to have entirely.

The iron issue has been discussed before. It’s to balance out the high calcium you noted. Sodium…well, too much of it is bad, too little of it is bad, and everyone needs different amounts depending on size, how much they exercise, etc.

The only thing I would point out, which may or may not be an issue for you, is that black edition is pretty low carb. So assuming you mean servings as 400 cals of black, if you had 6 servings a day you would have less than 100g carbs a day, a borderline keto diet.

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Hey Henry,

Huel Black Edition is nutritionally complete at 2000kcal (5 servings) so that will explain why some nutrients are being flagged as higher than the recommended daily amounts.

The nutritional info on your health app will be based on averages and an average diet, as Mike has said there is a reason why the amount of iron in Huel is higher than recommended.

We recommend that Huel forms part of a healthy diet rather than all of it, so if you’re worried you could switch out a couple of servings for a home cooked meal.


@mbs I know you’ve deleted your message but I checked the edit history and just wanted to tell you that I’ve purchased the Coffee Caramel version and yes it is rather sweet in my opinion! I actually don’t notice anything caramel about it - just tastes like caffeinated sugar.

Edit: I never tried the Coffee-only version so I cannot compare.