100% Huel diet - black or normal? (carbs)

If you were to do a 100% Huel diet for 1 month what is the best Huel to use? The normal stuff or the Huel black which has 33% less carbs.

Normally less carbs is good (I think) but on a 100% Huel diet… ??

Definitely original huel! 100% black huel diet means you’d get 200g of protein a day. An enormous amount even if you do a lot of sport

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Ditto standard Huel. I’d also personally do 2/3 U&U, 1/3 sweetened, and definitely recommend no more than 1/2 sweetened. Psychologically it’s just not a great idea to spend a month having every meal be really sweet.

Actually, on that note… I’d mix in Huel Savoury quite often.

As I mentioned on another thread I found out that Plenish hazelnut, almond, and cashew nut milks work superbly with U&U without diluting with water. It gives a satisfying earthy taste without resorting to sweeteners. My personal favourite is hazelnut.

Why do you think it is a bad idea to “spend one month having every meal be really sweet”?
Does it lead to a higher calorie intake or more cravings for other flavours for you?
For most people satiety seems to be higher for non-sweet/savoury stuff…personally I find coffee flavour helpful. Unfortunately the coffee flavours from Huel are very sweet - especially the one for black edition (due to the addition of “caramel”). Mixing it with unflavoured powder is a good idea. though. I also wondered whether adding instant coffee would help to mask the sweetness. Or camp coffee in the evening (my problem is that I often have a calorie deficit then, and I’ve found no good solution for that).

The simplest reason is, if the OP is doing 100% Huel for just one month, then after he comes off it he’s going to eat other food. Huel can probably be sweet without any negative consequences, but that’s not true of other food the OP might reach to after he comes off it. Ideally a brief 100% Huel stint shouldn’t just be about giving you a one-off nutritional rebalance, but also about helping you long-term, and I think 100% sweet Huel can have the opposite effect by making you expect all your food to be very sweet.

I also find that if you don’t taste sweetness too much/too often you can get the same enjoyment from lesser quantities of it – 33% sweet Huel tastes to me like 100% sweet Huel used to. So Huel can actually be really useful for training yourself to be more sensitive to sweetness, as you have easy snack food that isn’t sweet at all (H&S) and sweet food you can easily change the sweetness of (powder).

Sweet flavours are kind of addictive it seems. Those friends of mine who have been trying to lose weight for years usually were more successful in reaching their goal after cutting out sweet taste altogether. One of my best friends had tried various formula diets, then lost weight and gained it again. With complete food shakes like Huel it was the same. When savoury complete food products came out he eventually tried those; and also cut out sweet taste from his general nutrition. And since then he has gone from a BMI of 35 to 25. And hasn’t gained it again. His cravings stopped.

Whether high-protein/higher-fat/lower-carb is of any benefit is a difficult question. To me it seems that it does lead to higher physiological saturation, but after some time on too little carbs I feel like crap. Protein and fat are a much higher burden to the system. Maybe that is different for other people.

If in doubt you could mix 50% black and 50% standard edition. There is no reason why it should not be possible to use both.

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