Huel black protein content for sedentary female?

Hey there!
Looking for some advice-

So I’m a sedentary 22 year old and I tried the huel ready to drink vanilla and chocolate flavours!
However, I’ve got dissociation and it’s triggered by artificial sweeteners and I’ve noticed this has happened with having the ready to drink.

I’d like to be able to have huel without experiencing this so was looking at the huel black, as it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners and I’m not particularly interested in the unflavoured 3.0. However, I’m not sure if I should really be having the protein/carb split that’s in the huel black considering that I just bum around the house in lockdown doing uni work and I don’t work out?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks :blush:

And alternative would be using v3 unflavoured/unsweetened together with a flavour booster (these don’t contain any sucralose, just steviol like black edition).


Maybe you could try unflavoured blended with natural fruit as flavour?
I dont think theres anything bad in the huel black, if you are mostly idle you could just have less of them a day.

Hey Nola! Good question.

I wouldn’t be too worried about the carb/protein split. Protein has more roles than just building muscle so and any excess calories (that includes protein) will be used in a similar way.