Huel, huel black, or protein powder

I’m in doubt which huel product is best for getting enough protein, feeling satiated while keeping blood sugar low. Huel black, or regular or protein powder? There’s too much choice now, haha.
I try to avoid sugars /simple carbs and keep my blood sugar in check, because I’ve had issues with high blood sugar and a weakened immune system. And I’m also trying to lose some weight and up my protein intake (being vegan and not taking time to prepare fresh food means i don’t always get enough). But all huel products seem like good source of protein. Which one would be best in terms of avoiding a raised blood sugar?

You can mix them.1 scoop of black chocolate and 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder is lush

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None of them has complex carbs, and all of them have low sugar content.
Keep in mind that Powder v3.0 and BE are 1 type of product: a complete meal; whereas the Complete protein is just a protein shake. If you’re looking for something to substitute your meals with, go with either v3.0 or BE, if you’re looking for a quick shake (perhaps as a snack) to get more proteins in during the day, go with the Complete Proteins.

Regardless v3.0 vs BE, that depends on what your goals are, and on what usually keeps you full for longer: carbs, or fat&proteins?


I have diabetes type 2 which goes crazy if I take my eye off the ball. I’m doing well with black Huel (I commented at length a few months ago: Diabetes (type 2) brag). Right now my diet is Huel (500 calories’ worth) twice a day and a third meal maybe twice a week, with cheese and peanuts as a night time snack.

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Hey Silvia! Lovely to see you again! Some great questions, the Huel range has certainly increased!

The best thing to do is to head to this webpage and check it out, you can also do a questionnaire, button is on the same page

However, I will try and answer here too.

  • Complete Protein is just a snack, not really a whole meal as it’s missing some key components. While it’s a great filling snack in-between meals I wouldn’t use this as a meal
  • Satiating - difficult to judge this but if the options for you are Black Edition, v3.0 or Complete Protein then I think either Black Edition or v3.0. However all Huel products have a low glycaemic index, which means your blood sugar will slowly rise and then fall after consuming. In the real world, you’ll be kept fuller for longer (kinda). Black Edition is 19 and v3.0 is 16, but anything below 55 is “low”
  • Sugar - Black Edition has more sugar in than v3.0. 400kcal of Black Edition has 4.5g of sugar, whereas v3.0 is 0.9g. However, remember what I said about Black Edition glycaemic index, 4.5g of sugar is not a lot at all and Black Edition has been shown to keep blood sugar from rising.

Hope that’s helpful!

you mean all of them have complex carbs! :smile:

you mean all of them have complex carbs! :smile:

Yeah sorry, I often confuse the wordings: by that I meant no refined :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your responses!
I’ve also taken the questionnaire. But still have a hard time picking just one product haha. I’ll probably just buy a bit of all three and try it out. Before my pregnancy i liked v3 better than black and found it more satiating, but then i was also a terrible sugar addict used to munching on carbs all day long. Recently I’ve had to finally stop eating sugars and increase my protein intake for my health but now i noticed i do feel fuller for longer when I eat lower-carb, higher-protein breakfast or snacks. I don’t even miss sugar or snacking anymore, it doesn’t occur to me because i feel satisfied for hours. So now I’m thinking huel black might suit me better than before.

Now for choosing flavours… Lol! There is so much more to choose from since i last ordered…

My pregnancy nausea ruined H&S and the bars for me I’m afraid. I still can’t even think about them without feeling nauseous again. I did like them before. Though not as much as i love the shakes :slight_smile:

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Isn’t fasting the only true way to lower blood sugar anything we eat increases blood sugar but as long as we don’t eat too frequently and allow our insulin to rebalance (by not eating 3-5x per day or having an 4-8 hour daily eating window) this will help a lot.

I myself asked a similar question last year on this group.

For me the winners were huel black as it’s lower in carbs (and has good fats) and huel protein which is close to zero carbs.

One is a meal the other is just protein though so near that in mind.


Black edition has lots of healthy fats. And it is free of any grains. You don’t have to worry about gluten.
The protein powder consists primarily of protein, with much less fats and carbohydrates than black edition.
Both are good if you believe in low carb.

But I think it is an illusion that low carb is the best thing you can do, or that you have to do it to keep a low weight. I still think that Huel standard edition (gluten-free in my case) is the best option. It is still lower in carbs and higher in protein and healthy fats than standard diets. Carbs are not evil. You don’t become fat from carbs.

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Cookies & cream black edition! It’s gorgeous, way better than chocolate black edition which I won’t buy again.


Yes it is much better than chocolate I agree, but even better is a 50/50 mix with strawberry and cream. Whoever first suggested that is genius. Dunno if you have any s&c but if you do, nice it a go.

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Yeap pretty much.

I wouldn’t worry about this, it’s often blown out of proportion so eat as frequently as you like.

@mbs I like what you’ve said, I hope that helps @Silvia.

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I agree about carbs and low carb diets. I wasn’t a fan of them but honestly i overdid it with both simple carbs and fats (from junk food). Having some issues with my postpartum recovery, made me try out higher protein meals and low sogar, low gluten. It was advised by my chiropractic and it does seem to help. Long term i assume i can go back to eating whatever huel product i like best since they’re all good. :smile:

I’d really recommend to stop taking nutritional advice from your chiropractor (not qualified or regulated to give nutriitonal advice) but I’m glad you’re on the right track :slight_smile:

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