Huel Black guesses

After seeing this

I’m super curious and thought I’d be fun to guess what it is.

Lower carb but 9g sugar per portion so presumably not keto. Is it just low carb?

Or Is it kelp / kombucha free?

Or did someone just drop a black biro into a mixing vat by mistake and they had to come up with something to still sell it?


The only thing I can think it might actually be is a replacement for huel pro and an attempt to get in to the fitness/body building market

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Or the diet market.

With some other products, black is the version for men… :thinking:

I think you might be correct. This may create an opportunity for Huel to introduce a Huel Black range of products (as well as their standard 'White Range).

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If you weigh 100kg and have a 10% body fat, that means you have 90kg of lean mass and if you’d take the upper limit (no more health benefits after that) of protein per day, which is 2.2g per 1kg of lean body mass. Then you’d get 198g of protein needed per day. 2.2 is already a really high amount, most bodybuilders take 1.5-2g per kg of lean body bass. Normal Huel covers those requirements quite well as someone weighing a lot would also eat more Huel.

There was an interview with Julian linked in the forum lately, where he talked about a fourth product, which would come out soon, maybe around the end of the year. This confused me, as there ARE already 4 products - powder, RTD, bars, granola. So I wondered if it was an old interview from before introducing RTD.
He talked about it being a product for mass market.

But what happens to granola then? Or does it not count? It’s not on the picture with the black powder.

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I’m not a nutritionist but surely we need carbs? Why less carbs more protein, is there some benefit to that combination? As far as i can see the only benefit to more protein is for muscle building and the only people who would need that is athletes/body builders. As for the less carbs I’m not sure why that’s beneficial

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My guess is granola is being removed based on the fact that they are not allowing new subscriptions for the product.

I can start a granola subscription. Don’t you have that option? Which store are you using? I’m in the UK.

It’ll be a shame if they discontinue it, but very few people post about it so I’m not sure it’s selling well.

I have granola for breakfast every day. Love it. I’d be very disappointed if it got discontinued.

I’m personally quite interested in this ratio as a meal shake, because I find that I use Huel for approx 1/3 to 1/2 of my daily calories but prefer my other meals to be vegetables and fruits. I am therefore not consuming enough protein for someone that normally leads a fairly active and sporty lifestyle.

I’m in the EU market and tried to add granola to my ongoing powder subscription and I get the error message “This product is not available for subscriptiton”. I already wrote Huel support about it but haven’t still received an answer. Might be a bug as well.

I wonder if there’s activated charcoal in the black? Will go well with the kombucha.

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They can open the flagship store in Glastonbury