Confusion over Black Edition sugar content?

Hi, just a quick one hoping someone can clarify.

The product page for Huel Black Edition states “still under 5% sugar” however the nutritional profile lists it at 5% per serving and 25% of the recommended daily intake.

The nutritional profile for Huel v3.0 Vanilla states 1% per serving and 5% of the recommended daily intake, so not sure what “still under 5% sugar” is referring to here unless I’m missing something?

My diet consists of almost 100% Huel and I was intrigued by the Black Edition after reading it appeared to be helping people with their digestion issues, however the increase in sugar content has put me off a bit as I like to keep my intake as low as possible, wondering what the reason for the increase was?


Black is 4.9% sugar by my calculations, so it’s correct. 4.4g per 90g. I’m using the nutritional information on the website though, maybe its been updated?

They had to increase the sugar because they removed the artificial sweetener.

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There’s been no increase in the sugar content of Black Edition.

David is right by his maths, the percentage figures on the nutritional information are rounded.

Apologies if I’m missing something obvious here.

Huel Vanilla: Carbs of which sugars - 5% daily recommended intake.

Huel Black Edition Vanilla: Carbs of which sugars - 25% daily recommended intake.

Not sure how that isn’t an increase or how “still under 5% sugar” applies, unless it’s in reference to per serving rather than daily recommended intake? If that’s the case it feels a bit misleading.

No completely my fault for misreading what you put, sorry.

I think it’s just the way it’s being interpreted.

On Huel v3.0 we say “low sugar”, to make a low sugar claim there must be less than 5g of sugar per 100g. So when we say "“still under 5% sugar” we mean Huel Black Edition is still low sugar and it’s a comparison to the product not the recommended intakes.