9g of Sugar in black?

Hi I’m a new Hueler and chose the black edition because I’m concerned about sugar spikes and cravings and it was a low carb option.
However the black edition seems to have 9g sugar per serving compared to less than 1 in the standard?? Can anyone explain this? Would I be better with the standard? My old pea protein powder was 12.6g carbs and 0.3g sugar per 100 and the huel black is 18g carbs, 4.6g sugars which seems crazy!
Any thoughts??

I believe one of the Black’s selling points was the lack of artificial sweetener, as some people don’t like to consume that. In Black, it has been replaced by coconut sugar and stevia, hence the difference in nutritional values you are seeing.


I think you’re reading the 9g from the starter handbook which is an error from us, sorry. The actualy sugar amount per 100g/400kcal is 4.4g of sugar which you can see here: https://uk.huel.com/pages/the-huel-black-edition-formula-explained#profile

@Tangotango has explained the rest.

It’s also worth pointing out that Black Edition is still low GI so doesn’t spike your sugar levels, regardless of the natural sweetener