Why the "extra" sugar in Huel Black?

I just noticed that the sugar in the two versions of Huel differs:

  • White Vanilla: 0.9g of sugar per 100g - 4.2g per 2000 kcal
  • Black Vanilla: 4.4g of sugar per 90g - 22g of sugar per 2000 kcal

What’s that all about?

I know it’s less than the RDA of no more than 30g of free sugars a day, but I was surprised it was “so” high.


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v3.0 is sweetened with sucralose. For whatever reason some people don’t like sucralose, so Black Edition is sweetened with stevia and coconut sugar. Stevia isn’t as sweet as sucralose and to hit the required sweetness we would have to include it at levels above the legal limit so coconut sugar is used as well.

It’s only around one teaspoon of sugar per 400kcal.


Black UU FTW!!!

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