Is there anything I should supplement while using 1500 calories 100% Huel?


I’m a 5’11, 184 pound male with absolutely no muscle mass whatsoever. I was 160 pounds this time last year and want to get back to that before I look at gaining some muscle!

I need to consume 1500 calories to do this however I’m not sure how this will effect the micro nutrient values as they are based on 2000 right?

Is there anything in particular that I should supplement or that will be brought too low doing this?



I understand your wish to lose weight (trust me I really understand) but current wisdom tells us that losing weight is much easier with a higher muscle mass.

And, honestly, as a 5’5 female 1500 calories a day would kill me. :wink: For me it would be just too few and unsustainable, are you sure you’ve calculated right and wouldn’t be better upping your calorie intake?


I guess we are all different then. As a 6’2 male, 1500 calories is absolutely fine for me - easy in fact. I’ve been doing that since February, the weight is coming off nicely and I’m feeling fine on it. Not 100% huel, more like 2/3, I’m still having a ‘normal’ dinner.
Nutrient levels are of course a concern, so I’m interested in the answer to this.

I’ve used a few different TDEE calculators that all put my maintenance at 2k so 1500 is a pretty standard diet, ill bump it to 1700 on days I run. I know that higher muscle mass burns more calories but I’m like 20-25% body fat atm so losing fat is my only objective for the next few months.

Anyway I’ve been taking a multi + D3 for now just because I have them lying around the house, but I don’t wanna keep wasting my money if it’s not necessary!

This sounds very familiar!
I started the year at close to 200lbs, like you 5’11", virtually no muscle mass either!
I started out 100% at 4 500kcal shakes a day, but struggled finding room for the 4th. I went to 3 shakes a day, and worked the stats back.

Hope this helps…
There isn’t a lot we’re under, and I put a 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric in each shake, and 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper and cinnamon.
<I am now at 160lbs, and trying to build some muscle, haven’t caught cold or got sick all year! I haven’t starved myself, and have had plenty of meals out, I’ve just been sensible. Good luck, I hope you achieve your goals>


btw, I hit 160lbs earlier this month, despite having quite a few meals out (being sensible, and having 1 less shake that day), and am now starting to try an build up. Also, haven’t caught a cold or been sick yet, and feel better than I have in years. Good luck, I hope you achieve your goal:wink:

I’m 6’2" and when I started weighed in at 260 pounds. I’ve been 100% Huel, 1500cal/day, with one normal meal Friday, Sat and Sunday for about three weeks now and it all started well, weight coming off, but the last week or so I’ve started to feel a little weak. Going for a multivit with iron and minerals and additional vitamin D, just until I hit my target weight, at which point I’m going to go onto one normal meal a day. Anything my body needs it can take, any vits I don’t need will go down the loo. Big weigh in this Friday, so a little nervous :cold_sweat:


good luck with the weigh in, hopefully it’s nervous excited but don’t sweat the numbers too much.

I know 21 stone body builders who are solid muscle but classed as clinically obese when on the scales - according to BMI…

It’s about how you feel and how better you’re making yourself with good nutrition - ensuring you’re cutting your calories safely and sensibly too.

Fat loss (not mass loss) is a happy by-product of all this.

All the best.

Ah that’s perfect Silian, I do 450 X 3 and get my final few calories with real food so I can base it off that :slight_smile:

The average male and you sound average without knowing your age, needs around 2500 cals a day to maintain a healthy body fat percentage.

Plus if you really want to be healthy you need a caloric surplus to build that MUCH needed muscle mass.

You are much better off getting that foundation of muscle while you are cutting, who builds a house on sand? the same principle applies to your body.

I’m on a cut now and I’m 16 stone with 5 months of muscle packed on from doing weights I need to lose 3/4 stone of fat.

Seriously though 1500 is cutting it waaaaaaaaaay too low for your future goals

1702 calories per day given your stats to loose 1lb per week. 2202 calories per day to maintain.

This is based on sedentary lifestyle but alter exercise levels to suit.

Just take your time.

Hi Ebiso,

Ive been doing similar, Im on 1500 Cals per day, I do Huel twice. I started it as my weight loss was flattening off. I was 140KG (Jan), I got stuck on about 120KG and Huel helped me kick start it. I do a fair amount of exercise now and have got down to 108KG now.

I normally do the following

  1. 65g of Huel
  2. 20g of All Bran (for a fibre boost)
  3. 10g of Pulsing Pea Protien (for a protein boost)
  4. Some Frozen Fruit and Veg - normally something called Broccoli and the Beast by Love Taste
  5. Water

Blend it in the nutrillibullet for 30 seconds.

I hate Broccoli but it tastes great and helps boost some aspects without increasing Carbs or Fat but much, but I love this combo! I actually really look forward to it.

A lunch I repeat but might use different veg/fruit

At dinner I will have a small balanced meal. I don’t get hungry at all, and I try to burn at least 500 Calories per day with exercise.

Ive been looking at other options to see what supplements I should boost, it is probably too rapid a weight loss, but Ive been feeling better than ever, I don’t have a lack of energy or even feel hungry.

@ciscosurplus we could be brothers from another mother. I’m also down to around 107Kg from around 120, 6’2" but I’m just doing the Huel with no adornment - found it hard going sometimes but overall better than the crash diets I’ve done in the past

How are you getting along @ebiso? Great to see so many helpful Huelers with similar experiences.

@RDW how are you getting on?

I’m down to 105KG now and feeling great. I had a week in the USA with no Huel and came home feeling tired and had a sore stomach.

I can imagine a week on US food could do that to you. Back to the Huel, onwards and upwards.

It was weigh in day today. Up to know I’ve been losing exactly what was planned via the spreadsheet (from Mathematical Diet) post, so I expected the same - however I’ve lurched forward. Instead of the 2 kilos expects I dropped 4.6 kilo in two weeks (roughly 10 pounds). So reached 100.9 around two weeks earlier than planned, based on last 6 weeks. Around 6 weeks earlier than planned overall. 6 Kilos to go!! @ciscosurplus not sure what changed, doing exactly what I’ve been doing, downing intake slightly based on chart and weight.

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Great results, keep them coming and keep up the hard work!