It begins!

Hello everyone.

I’ve known of Huel for a while now and had always wanted to get involved and sort out my diet. I have always been lucky that all of the crap I eat never really sticks around on my body.

Back in April, I went through a good 6/7 week period of tracking my macros and working out (I had a theatre show where I needed to take off my clothes quite a bit!) and was making some slow but steady progress in trimming down body fat but then working around rehearsals, and cycling to and from work, I caved.

I haven’t forgotten how good it felt to wake up feeling trim and energetic, and I thought now was a good a time as any to get back to work. I have a week in Spain in August that I’d like to be in better shape for and further down the line I’ll be getting married (And it wouldn’t hurt to be in great shape for that too!)

My fiancee and I will be using Huel together. Her mainly for her lunches (She travels a lot for work) and mine for breakfast and lunch. We will then have a healthy dinner (Fingers crossed!).

We’ve ordered our first load of Huel and I’ll be updating this thread with what happens!

The forum was a real inspiration to get started, so I wanted to add my own story.

Here goes nothing!



Good luck, keep updating us on how you get on! I love this forum for following people’s process.

Good luck! I too will be following your journey.

Good luck! :+1:t3:

Thanks! I’m really hoping I can get on track quickly and see some results! :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah! I read your thread and it was one of the reasons I took the plunge, so thank you! :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:

Ok so I am already astounded at how fast I got my hands on my Huel.
DPD were incredible, I got the app for my phone and they told me when I should be in for delivery and were within the first 10 minutes of my delivery slot!

I have already worn the T-shirt all day (I’m a sucker for a nice T-shirt!) and went to the gym. Whilst I was there I did my measurements and body fat on the weird machine thing.

So this is me now.

The plan is to have Huel for breakfast and lunch and eat properly during the evenings, to quit snacking on chocolate and crisps, drinking alcohol on non-occasions, cut out energy drinks and upping my water intake.

I have a feeling it’ll be tough at first but I really want to get to 10% body fat and have abs at least once in my life! :laughing:

So my first Huel meal will be tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! :blush:


Good luck!! Great goals, you can do it!

No problem, glad my experience was useful! :slight_smile:

So today was the first day using Huel. :sunglasses:

I cycled to work and had my first Huel at 8:30am. I was suprised at the taste, purely because it was far better than I thought it would be. It felt like drinking soggy Weetabix but in a really good way.

I instantly felt ‘fed’ and it carried me through until about midday when my stomach started rumbling (Probably down to the fact that I used 100g per shake. I’ll try with 125g tomorrow). I had my second Huel at around 1pm and it felt really great to eat quickly and get on with things.

Just had a lovely dinner of Chicken and baked vegetables and although I haven’t gotten back into tracking macros, I feel like using Huel is going to make my life so much easier! :relaxed: