My 365 day challenge


This is my Huel journey, and I plan to share it with you over the next 365 days and see what this stuff can really do, to help me reach my goals! Which are to get healthy, lean and eventually change my whole physique !!

My reason for documenting my journey is for accountability, it’s easy enough for me to just do it and fluctuate in my efforts throughout. But it’s a lot harder to give up, not be assed etc if I know I have people I have become accountable too.

So my actual Huel journey starts tomorrow, as of now I don’t know whether I’m excited or nervous - nervous for the fact I don’t like wasting money :see_no_evil: but I’m hoping the excitement now sticks with me tomorrow !!

If anyone would like to join me on this journey get in touch, I’d love to have a small group of potential future friends to lean on and vice versa, be it advice, sharing tips/recipes and even making this more of a laugh :laughing:.

Thank you for reading

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I’m trying to go almost fully huel but I don’t have any long term plans as of yet.
I will definitely follow your posts as i’m exited to see how you get on,
How are you planning on using huel throughout the upcoming year?

Hi Terri,

I’m literally making up my first Huel as we speak!,

So I plan to Use Huel for the first week for breakfast to get my body used to it (I don’t want to have any embarrassing adverse affects🙈) and then increase to 2 a day down the line.

I’m like you I’m yet to test what is right for me.

My long term goal is to essentially turn my life around I’m currently 15 1/2 stone and not looking my young and spritely self :grimacing: so I plan to trim down and and lean up.

Again for accountability I will be weighing in and posting body measurements every Saturday for anyone following my progress to see!:grimacing:

I hope that answers your questions?

I look forward to keeping in touch on this journey :ok_hand:


Day 1.

So it’s day 1 of the Huel journey, I made up a 3 scoop Huel breakfast with a cheeky banana flavour boost, on first taste I felt it was a tad lumpy so I popped it in the blender to smooth it out abit, although still not perfect it didn’t taste too bad!

I had about half and popped the rest in the fridge to the try later after a chill :snowman:️ … this really made a difference it was now more like a milk shake as it had slightly thickened :ok_hand: I think the preparation plan for the rest of this week is night before prep and chilled ready for a refreshing morning drink!

Like I’ve said in reply to Terri, I will weight in and measure up this Saturday and every week from there on for you to keep track of my progress :ok_hand:

I will update this post if anything relevant happens today :grimacing:

Until tomorrow :ok_hand:


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Nice one Ant. I look forward to hearing about your journey. I have been on it all month, it seems great so far. I am going to do my first weigh in next week. Are you exercising too?

I find I don’t need to blend it. I make it as instructed, with the ice cubes as I think that helps to break it up as you shake. I then put it in the fridge for anything up to an hour for the morning and then lunch one is in the fridge all morning at work. Are you using my fitness pal too? I am using it again now and I swim every morning plus walking everywhere and am now finding it hard to get the calories in, might have an extra Huel! :slight_smile:

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Shake and refrigerate is the best way IMHO. And if you want to get a proper workout put the blender bottle in the fridge and shake the fridge.


Hi. I’ll keep an eye on your journey. Should be good. I’m starting my Huel journey today also.

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Hi Tracy,

So yeah starting from tomorrow I’m heading back to the gym to push for the results I want, I will be setting up a new routine tonight to get smashed tomorrow morning :ok_hand: I am using my fitness pal here and there you’ve just reminded me I need to update it and get my daily calories worked out properly. If you on MyFitnessPal pal I’m more than happy to add you so you can get the full picture on what I’m doing and vice versa :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hunzas … I need a new fridge now :joy::joy::joy: cheers for the advice I tried with ice and just shaking this morning, it worked well tbh :ok_hand:


Fantastic mrhappy like I said having a small group of people in contact on the same journey just gives a better chance of commiting, knowing people are keeping an eye on your progress :ok_hand:

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Day 2.

So today I tried making up a Huel the conventional method with 3 scoops, water and ice and a very rigorous shake !! Safe to say it tasted great especially with the strawberry flavour boost! (I’m trying the trial pack before picking out my fav flavours).

I did notice today a touch of bloating all be it temporary I suffer when eating bread so I’m used to the bloating but this lasted nowhere near as long which was a nice surprise !! I know it’s only been 2 days but I definitely have noticed a slight increase in energy, I think my get up and go has defo improved so I look forward to how this improves further as we go on !

My wife and I have also looked at our diet as a whole which I will go into more tomorrow!!! All I can say is there is a three day detox starting Monday :see_no_evil::disappointed_relieved: but I’m all for a bit of an experiment so let’s see how it goes !!! (Any questions ask away and I’ll get details from the wife​:ok_hand:)

Anyway that’s it for now

I’ll be back tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I’ve never tried with ice, but plenty do. I’ve just gotten into the habit of refrigerating it.

That reminds me. I’ve been busy and not had lunch yet and its nearly 2pm. Guess what I am having LOL


I didn’t know you could add people! My user name is elfysmenelfy :joy:

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@hunzas we should take pictures of our food for Instagram :rofl:


I had that too, it’s pretty normal by the sound of it.

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Heyyy! I’m excited for you :slight_smile: I too have started a log on the forum—on Day 165 now I think—and indeed, there is a wonderful circle of people here that I’ve come to know, and am very grateful for their supportive messages! You’ll feel right at home here :slight_smile: Will be following your journey!


Ice is very refreshing!! Haha I’m going to assume … Huel !?!

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I’ve just had a look ! You’ve done so well !! It looks like you’ve had plenty of ups and downs on the way which I admire you sharing to help others learn :ok_hand:

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Oh no :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: instafood #huel #instafood #instainsta​:see_no_evil: … we should tho haha

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Got it in one. In fact it was so good I am having it tomorrow as well.

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