Taking back control over my life with Huel


My name is Ru, i live in the UK, and starting tomorrow (Post Delivery) i too will become a Hueler.
This is a very important step for me, and may very well be life saving.

My goal in becoming a Hueler is not weight loss or to support any sort of fitness regime but rather to take back control over my body and my by-now downright dangerous eating habits.

A few years back, my supervisors decided that they wanted me to work full time during the overnight shift and ever since then, i completely lost any grip and hold over my nutrition and lifestyle.

A mixture of depression, a difficult scheduling and the inability to shop or meal-prep in any consistent manner made me descend into a spiral of fast food, junk and premade microwaveables.

I have attempted to break this cycle many times during the last four years, but i would eventually fail each and every time, due to both comfort food addiction and shopping/prepping logistic nightmares.

Unable to bring healthy meals to work and being exhausted and empty upon my return, i found myself stuck in a vicious cycle of horrible comfort/binge eating and a complete loss of control.

I assume i do not need to explain the extremely negative impact this had both on my health, my body and my mood/happiness, and how i face life and work.

Thankfully, i discovered Huel, which solves both of the biggest challenges someone like me has in order to make a powerful and decisive change, which are shopping and meal prep/time.

I am really excited to begin and i cannot wait for tomorrow.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of a new life for me, i will keep you guys updated.


Hi Ru. Welcome. You are in good company here. Good luck and hope you enjoy your Huel :grin:

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Sounds like a big challenge but really good to read.
Would love to see your progress.

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Hi Ru.

Welcome to your new life! I wish you the very best of luck with everything and hope Huel brings you the routine and nutrition you are looking for.

Are you still working at the same place on the same shifts?

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I am indeed but that is not going to change anytime soon, sadly.

But if I can eat properly then at least I will not be ruining my health.

Better times and schedules will surely come one day but I want to be healthy and ready when it happens.

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I have similar work demands and I love the convenience Huel provides. Minimal prep and washing up, it’s a lifesaver when work takes over any chance of a routine. Good luck! My advice is to get at least 6 shakers than if you miss a days washing up you’ve got some clean.


I did not think of that, good idea!

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I have 5 and yet sometimes still don’t have a clean shaker! :rofl:


Luckily at work we have a dishwasher (It belongs to the boss but he lets us use it) so i can clean it there as well.

Good luck!

I received my delivery and had my first shake for lunch.
Loved the choco+mint flavor, although it could stand to be a bit stronger on the choco side.

I will try mixing it with some cocoa powder or whatnot at dinner.

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Good luck!! I have had Huel before and was reaching my goals but then stopped for a number of reasons. I’m starting again tomorrow so I’m holding your hand! Let’s do this!


Lots and lots of good luck! You could be describing me a few years ago. You can do it. Xxx

You will feel sooo much better!! Good luck.

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I worked waking nights for two years and I hear where you are coming from as it nearly killed me. I no longer work nights and felt so angry for you that I wanted to urge you to quit and find another job, but that isn’t really my place. I do wonder how you are getting on with this huel.

Welcome, Acuflower! Always good to hear a new voice.

I agree - night shifts can be horrible for health but, given stuff always needs doing overnight, I’m personally grateful some will work nights.

Not sure if this was serious, but I find the shaker a nightmare to clean if I leave it more than a couple of hours. My compromise is I rinse it thoroughly under running cold water as soon as I’m finished, and only wash it up properly once or twice a week. I have two shakers but only use one.

Yep it was serious, I make 3 shaker fulls in the blender each night and take them to work in the morning. If I miss a days washing up I’ve got 3 for the next day. It works for me.

Wow! That does make perfect sense. I’ve just never had more than one shaker on the go at any one time. You’re an inspiration, so you are!

Ha, I think it’s laziness not inspiration but thank you!

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I generally have 2 Huel meals a day and use two shakers, sometimes I have 3 and use 3, and for a several weeks on 100% I used four. Makes perfect sense if you like to make the night before and refrigerate, like I do.