Taking back control over my life with Huel

I do make the night before and refrigerate - it’s the only way to go! I have that one for lunch, usually, and then rinse, refill and refrigerate my dinner one, if I’m having a 2-Huel day. Otherwise, not. I skip breakfast as the 16:8 IF pattern suits me well and sits nicely with Huel, too.

I shall have to ponder some more on the multi-shaker model…

I have three shakers. Like others here, I like to leave my Huel shakes in the fridge for a good few hours or overnight.
The shakers are so easy to clean if you do it right away. Pour water in, quick shake then a good rinse, checking inside lid to make sure no Huel stuck in there. Leave to drain. Job done.

@RaaRu how are you getting on?