[JP] Too Little Fibre

Hello team, I’m delighted with the new Distribution Centre in Japan!

Compared to 7g fibre per serving contained in UK versions, JP versions (Huel V1.1J) contain only 3 or 4g per serving.

Can we have more fibre contained? Or can we have a high-fibre option?

BTW, a wider range of lineup and more flavours are needed!

:grin:still waiting for reply

If I had to hazard a guess - it would be something to do with local regulations on food content or labelling - but perhaps @Dan_Huel can help…

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Sorry we missed this @BeACat, thanks for the nudge!

As Phil has said to meet Japanese regulations we’ve had to make some tweaks to the formula, as a side effect the fibre has decreased. In future we may be able to offer a higher fibre version, but it’s a wait-and-see.

We’d love to! For now we want to really focus on delivering the best quality customer experience we can at the best value possible. To do this we’ve got a more limited range than in the UK, but as you’ve probably seen we don’t stand still so it won’t always be like that.