Net carbs and fibre

Just wondering if the carbs are counting the fibre too? Been doing keto where the carbs from fibre dose not need counting. Never quite got why fibre amount is also carbs in nutrition. Seems like a dumb rule when labeling things.

So glad you’re doing the black addition or huel wouldn’t work for me atm. I’m a recovering sugar addict lol Only doing keto for a little while as it’s much easier to do a monk fast or longer when you’re already in ketosis. Zero hunger or cravings for sugar. Mind you I’m one of them that’s buzzing on keto so might keep at it, and just treat myself every now and then.

Edit: I corrected my spelling realising after both are right. I’m UK English so might revert back to my own native English with the spelling fiber, how huel didn’t use UK English in the UK :open_mouth::sweat_smile: Should be changed as it will put off some people in the UK. I personally don’t mind. Tell me you’re a US brand without telling me you’re a US brand :sweat_smile:

Huel is a UK brand and they use “fibre” on UK packaging. I think.

I mean I’m pretty sure but I can’t be arsed to walk to the kitchen to check.

But I’m pretty sure.

Are you looking at the US version of the label? If you are, the fibre/carbs stuff is worked out differently than in Europe.

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UK product. I was just pointing out if they did that with the ready made stuff in stores some will put it back down. Some people can be a bit OTT on English being done right. Might as well maximise their chances of people buying the product. Being Dyslexic I ended up Googling the spelling to find it was a US spelling.

How come they’re starting new products in the US first? :open_mouth: I watch one of their board of directors on YouTube(diary of a CEO). Apparently there’s a daily greens type product that’s in the US only ATM.

Edit lol I got it around the wrong way, I just recheck it lol sorry. So just ignore the edit in my first post. Maybe keto isn’t working for me after all :joy: Good way to get the main reason for posting lost. My Dyslexic brain likes the US spelling for once :rofl:

it’s a huge market and sometimes particular products might work better there - like, powdered greens for example where the Americas account for more than three quarters of the global market for that kind of product.

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Heh, well don’t worry about it. And to answer your question, UK (and EU) nutritional labels exclude the fibre from the carbs total. So you don’t need to work anything out, just use the number on the label.

edit: I don’t do keto though. Maybe it’s more complicated than I think.

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Guess that makes sense. Hope it’s in the UK soon. Because of the YouTube guy I would only trust Huel to make such a product well.

Thanks, I thought as much but wanted to make sure.

I guess I’m doing really well as I can mange 3 x black edition at 80g plus 100g of fat. That’s a lot of carbs upto what most can manage on keto. I use a Ketone breathalyser to make sure. My levels are quite high.

That new greens product in the US should cover the rest from the looks of it. So really can’t wait as it would be a smaller stack. Plus I like the idea of getting a good mix of greens on top of huel. I’m hopeless and lazy doing it myself with food.

Edit I should say it’s early days. Been kinkering with the levels as I was losing weight without trying too. At one point I nearby fell out of ketosis. I’m doing this for health reasons not because I’m overweight.