Just Finished 1 month of 100% Huel

Made easier by the current restrictions in the UK, I just finished my first month of 100% Huel.

I kept a weekly Blog of the experience here: https://wholemilklatte.wordpress.com

Starting weight: 242.3 lbs

Current weight: 225.3 lbs

Overall Weight Loss 17 lbs

A big thank you to Huel for creating an amazing product and for ensuring supplies continue to go out during the Covid-19 crisis. To everyone at Huel, you are absolute legends.


I was going to take a quick look at your blog and then ended up reading all the articles about Huel :rofl::rofl::rofl: Your writing style is really nice and congratulations on the result! Well done!

Those were some great blog posts, I enjoyed the read :smiley:

Congratulations David! Loved your blog and I have to agree, you have a nice writing style.

Very interesting to see the results. Do you find it’s been difficult removing the social aspect of eating? I always feel like meals are a sociable thing as much as a necessary thing.

Also do you have the recipe for those coconut prawns? They sound delightful.


With the social aspect of eating, all my work colleagues and family have been supportive. My wife is on a Keto diet, so I tend to have my shake when she eats. So technically, we are still eating together.

Before Huel, I never used to have breakfast or lunch, so I think my work colleagues are happier to see me being more healthier. A few are on other types of diets, so my shakes are part of a mix of different things around the meeting table.

For the shrimp, I followed this recipe: https://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/keto-coconut-shrimp-low-carb/

As my wife has coconut flour in the house, I used a Keto recipe to make them. I’m no chef and they don’t look as good as the ones on the site, but they turned out okay :grin:


Just like the others have said… i was going to have a quick look but ended up reading it all lol

I do have a question if i may
Can i ask how much you are spending on huel products (ball park figures, i dont want to pry too much), you said you spent alot on take-out im just wondering how much you are saving as your blog mentions your getting different flavours nearly each week along with the bars

I am inspired and im going to be making my first purchase very soon

And woohoo first post


It’s been difficult to get an accurate figure on spending as I’ve gone a bit Huel crazy over the last couple of months. I’ve been ordering bags to try flavours rather than waiting until I had ran out. So much so, that me and the DPD driver are now on first name terms :laughing:

I have spent around £250 pounds over the last two months, but this was to experiment with flavours and settle into a routine and try the range of products. This should settle down now.

My subscription is due to renew on the 1st of May, which is for 5 bags. This comes in at around £100 with discounts, give or take. I still have 1 unopened bag and 2 others that were opened a few days ago. Technically, I don’t need the 5, but I like to have flavour choices available so things don’t get boring.

In a month, I get through 2 + bags of coffee powder, as I have that each morning, then I think around 2 + bags of other flavours as I dip between my choices. It’s hard to gauge accurately because I dip into multiple ones.

For Huel Bars, I’m finding I don’t need these as much as when I started, so I haven’t set up a subscription yet for those as I have plenty left. If I were to guess based on current use, perhaps 3 boxes for 6 weeks, maybe longer. It honestly depends on how you use them. Once lockdown is over and I can start working in the field again for my job, I predict the bar usage will go up and the powder drop, as the bars will be easier to carry on the road.

So to compare costs, my next powder order will be around £100, which should last me about 5 - 6 weeks with what I have remaining in the cupboard. My previous take-away abuse was shocking. I would have 2 - 3 take-aways a week and spent an average of £30 each time. I would always fall into the habit of ‘why buy medium when I get get large for a little more?’ hoping it would last a couple of days (wrong). So if we go for the lower end and say I spent £240 per month on take-aways, plus regular food shopping on top, I’m still way better off with Huel, even during my crazy experimental first two months.

Ultimately, it would depend on how you plan on using it for your costs. I’m currently on 3 shakes a day, swapping a shake out for two bars every once in a while. On the weekend, I have my treat meal (home cooked, no take-away). Caution though, I’m using reduced calories to get my weight off faster, but that won’t suit everyone. Others on here use more powder as they take in more calories. This will eventually be my end goal when I get to my ideal weight, when I’ll then up the amount of shakes I use to maintain a healthy weight.

Sorry for the long reply and I hope I’ve answered your questions, but I wanted to explain my spending and that my initial costs were merely experimenting with what flavours worked best for me in both the powder and bars. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve adjusted my subscription but I think I’m set now :laughing:


Thank you very much for your reply

I fully understand the “why have medium when a large is just a few £££ more” me and my (now ex) partner used to have take-away most nights due to working different shifts so it was just eaiser to pull up somewhere and grab something or order on the way home and it would arrive not long after

Im thinking of taking things slow and just using huel to replace my eating during work (mainly snacks/sweets/nuts and bread)
Im planing on sticking to my toast and coffee routine in the mornings, huel during the day and a small meal when i get home

Weight loss wouldnt be a bad thing lol
(and i will be taking you up on your discount offer)

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nothing wrong with 100% huel!

you might find your chewing muscles need some exercise if all you do is consume with liquid!

ive been using huel for my main meals since april 2019. with supplements and nuts seeds fruit veg occassionally.

i started with 5 a day now its 6/7.

i was very heavily drinking alcohol. ate like shit, and had serious problems building up. i started with veganism and went from there to huel after four months.

before veganism i was at 110kg
since january i am at around 68kg

check me!



Get one of these

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That’s possibly the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen advertised to men.

i can only say that is undesirable.

How do you work out your face then?

Read your last blog update (wk 16).
Congratulations on dropping below the 200lb mark, and dropping over 43lbs so far… over a kg per week…fantastic, and quite inspirational.
Have taken a leaf out of your book and started walking (about 6 miles per day), and it makes a huge difference…Walking…who knew :grinning:

Hope you reach your target, and i will look out for your next update.

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I know right? :rofl::rofl:

With the poor diet I had before, I just felt lazy all the time. But having 3 meals a day with Huel gave me the energy and mental clarity I needed to get up and go. Feel so much better and actually like looking at myself in the mirror again.

Thanks for the comments on the blog and good luck with your regime. Check back and let me know how you’re doing :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Well done dude, in a similar position for the first the 3rd or 4th time after a long time away and dropped 13kg in much the same way (but I was really out of shape before hand)

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Wow, a year has gone by already?

Well, happy to report I’m still using Huel as my main food source with one cheat day per week on the weekend where I eat whatever I want as a reward. My weight is now a steady 170 lbs so I’m ready for lockdown to be over so I can get some new clothes that fit :laughing:

So many health benefits that I’ve experienced over the last year to keep me a hueligan long term. Better mental clarity and more active. I live by routines so Huel slots in nicely.


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