Just the powder?


Would it be too heavy for your intestines to just eat the powder (and drink a big glass of water afterwards)? Or would the amount of Huel then be too ‘heavy’ to digest as it is too dry? I am wondering as I do like the taste of the powder as in that case I don’t have the metalic aftertaste that I experience with fluid Huel (also when I put cacao, cinnamon etc in it). Has anyone experience with consuming Huel in powder only?


I thought we finished with the joke threads yesterday!

I like mainlining Huel.


Serious question from someone who is serious trying to get Huel into the daily diet, but struggling with it . Not everybody is a Huel professor from the start, why bash beginners in this forum? Or is it a Advanced Users forum only?


If it works for you…carry on. It will be fine for your intestines…but may be hard work for your mouth. Add some of that cinnamon for added fun and let us know how you get on.


I prefer ingesting Huel by suppository, maybe that’s just my kink though? Idk :man_shrugging:

In all seriousness though I actually wondered the same thing yesterday, I was in a rush at work and shamelessly gulped the chunks down, which might I add weren’t actually bad, so it got me thinking what would happen if one did actually just eat the powder and then like you say wash it down with water? You can see how my odd brain work right…?

Id imagine that it’s fine though, assuming you drink plenty.


I did try eating the powder a long time ago and it didn’t really go well. Can’t see how you can do it really.


Could you mix it into a thick paste, using a minimal amount of water, and then eat this? I would guess it is easier than trying to eat a powder of any sort.


I’ve never just eaten the powder but as you can cook with huel & use it like flour for muffins or pancakes, there can’t be anything wrong with consuming huel that hasn’t been mixed into a drink, I think it’s a bit surprising anyone would want to do this, which explains some of the replies here but different strokes for different folks & all that!


wtf this is crazy, are you a troll?


It was a serious question, I explained why earlier. I didn’t expect to be encountered in such a sarcastisch, narrowminded way in an online community of out of the box eaters who are willing to change their food intake with liquid food. Liquids, powders, what is the big difference really.


Thanks for your honest reply!


Um… Let me think.


Ah. I thought about it. I just add 55ml of dehydrated water to Huel and bingo. Best of both worlds


Yes dude, that is the best mix

@Ilse @hunzas now serious. I cant find any human way of eating powder. Its almost impossible, its barely possible to do.

I cant even think that I am having this conversation… Any powder its a powder because it has no water. And without water there is no lubrication. So if you try to eat any kind of powder you would definitely die choked. Try at home to eat flour, pure cocoa or Nesquik. Try even with cinnamon.

You would just die. But you wouldnt because you couldnt even eat one spoon of Huel, cocoa or whatever

I hope that you have now a clearer vision


Don’t mind @hunzas, he wasn’t bashing you, he just has an irrepressible sense of humour.

I’m not sure how well the human stomach would be able to process the dry powder followed by a large glass of water, even assuming you did manage to eat the powder dry. I imagine the stomach motions etc would replicate the mixing process usually done in the shaker. It might be easier to have huel bars, don’t know if you have tried them at all yet, or to make your own diy bars. I sometimes mess about in the kitchen and make things akin to naked bars, or halava etc using huel. Try it, and if it works for you, it’s a win.


I do that…I am always told to put clothes on near the mandolin to avoid unnecessary accidents.


Please give one example of a necessary accident for context.


The one where I accidentally push you off a cliff. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not laughing, honest Wendy :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Be my guest.