Experiences of a new guy - using Huel to aid a high calorie diet

Hi all, as you can probably guess this is my first time using Huel, just thought I’d share my experience and pose a few questions too. First off, the reason I decided to start using Huel is simply because I’m 7ft tall, very physically active (I row and practice taekwondo competitively, min. 10 hrs/week), and therefore have a BMR of about 3500kcal. When I’m training, which is almost always, this rockets up to anywhere between 5000-6000kcal. The result is that despite my height I only weigh 72kg, by body fat percentage is 2% and, because I can’t physically eat 5000kcal of normal food, my training is almost completely pointless.

So, enter Huel. Because of my high nutritional needs I’m trying to eat (Eat? Drink? Consume?) the full 500g of Huel per day, giving me 2000kcal, in addition to my regular diet. In theory this is fine, however after my first day I’m having what seem to be fairly common issues with the flavour and texture. I know there are flavour pouches being introduced soon, but for now I’ve ordered some of the recommended protein shake syrups, hopefully that will give me a better taste, because right now I have to say I really have to force myself to drink it.

The texture issue isn’t so much the lumps that others seem to get, but the fine particles that are inevitable with any powdered drink mix. I’m just wondering if anyone has any hints on limiting these, or somehow masking them? I guess eliminating them completely isn’t really possible but the way they stick to the back of my throat is pretty unpleasant. Just for the record I’m using a stick blender as it’s the best I have right now, I have a food processor but it’s tiny, about 500ml, so mixing more than about 75g of Huel at a time would be a pain.

Apart from those two issues, however, it’s all been smooth sailing so far. It’s perfectly easy to mix, I’m probably eating better than I ever have, and while it leaves me feeling satisfied, the fact it’s a liquid mix means I’m not so bloated on dense, heavy solids that I can’t eat my normal meals on top. As it’s only my third day on Huel I can’t comment on weight changes, but I’ll be sure to update those in due course :smile:

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@Sticky7ft Hi, Huel sounds perfect for your training and lifestyle, I can imagine it would be very hard to consume 5000cals+ of solid food!
Hopefully other Huel users can give you some tips on how to avoid the powderyness, but I would say mixing in a good blender definitely makes the difference.
Please do update us on your progress! :smile:

@Sticky7ft Welcome to the forum :sunglasses:

Definitely try using a blender. I think that will significantly improve both the texture and the taste. Also, try making it the evening before and leave it in the fridge overnight. It should be smooth and chilled when you drink it the following day.

If I make it in a shaker and drink it immediately, it’s drinkable as a quick last-minute meal, but it’s definitely not as nice as mixing it in a blender and leaving it overnight.

+1 for good blender! Really made a difference for compared to a cheap one, and is in a different league to shaking it using the mixer bottle :smiley:

Hi, I have had my first 2 days on Huel, I have only blended and have had no lumps at all. I read this on another post earlier -"Everyone reccomend pretty much to blend it, so i ordered a Breville Blend active and that in its self is amazing. collected it from Currys/PC World for £22 (amazon is £20 + £7 postage!) " get yourself one of these to try. I think the jug is not huge - probably only big enough for one meal/drink. :smile:

After a bit of experimentation I’ve found that using milk instead of water and adding 100-200g of fruit (I use raspberries as they have quite a sharp, strong flavour) works really well, and masks the texture. I’ve ordered a nice big 2ltr blender so I can make a couple of meals up at a time - my current stick blender works just fine but involves a lot of washing up, and runs the risk of spattering half mixed Huel all over the kitchen. Thanks for all the suggestions!