Stomach issues with powder but not ready to drink

Hello hello.

So I’ve been using Huel for the last 6 years for 80-90% of my meals, and I’ve always been “loose” and sometimes gassy. Have tried all flavours and versions of Huel, problem still remains. But a while ago I tried the Ready to drink-versions, and all of a sudden my stomach was perfect. I can’t afford to keep using that though, so does anyone know what the difference could be? Thanks!

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not really an answer but huel has a fair bit of fiber in it. if you have 80% of your daily intake from huel, you’ll end up having those issues. when i did a huel-only period a while ago on one occasion i tried taking in 6000kcal worth of huel in one day (i did a 50 mile walk). I was shitting myself for 2 days afterwards.

It’s possible the fibre, either the amount of ratio of soluble to insoluble, or it may be the higher protein content that your body is not a fan of. There are lots of possible reasons and it may not even be the Huel Powder so it’s a bit of trial and error to work out what works for you.