Stomach Issues Drinking Huel on an Empty Stomach

I am not a big morning person at all. I got Huel RTD to use as my breakfast. Either for work or on days I’m off, my pre workout breakfast. However anytime I drink it on an empty stomach it seems to - to put it bluntly - run right through me, cause bloating, and stomach cramps.

If I use it to replace either lunch or dinner then I seem to manage fine. It fills me up and no stomach issues. But thats not really my purpose for it. I’m always on the move on the mornings and I thought it would be ideal to grab and go.

Anybody else had this issue? Any tips or suggestions? I drink plenty of water. I was thinking about eating a banana first, but I’m overweight and trying to cut calories so do not really want to add something extra, especially carb heavy when I’m about to have a Huel RTD.

I have not experienced any digestive related problems/issues, however have you tried altering the concentration of Huel to make it either thicker or thinner?

I haven’t tried this as its the ready to drink bottles I am using. Often drinking while on the go.

Yes so perhaps add some water to the RTD to dilute the concentration