Kcal and Cal. How much Huel do I actually take?

Hi there.

I just received my sample pack of 100g Huel and I’m a little bit confused.

The pack states that 100g = 400Kcal.
Huel site states that 114g = 456 calories.
1Kcal = 1000 calories.

So I wrote to Huel and they responded that the site’s ‘456 calories’ should actually read ‘Kcal’ and not ‘Calories’. But this brings up more questions than it answers. So I thought it might be quicker to ask the veteran Huelers here.

IF the email from Huel is to be believed, then it is now 100g pack = 400Kcal.
Based on the calorie calculator linked from the Huel site, it states that I need apprx 1.8Kcal per day to maintain my weight.

How do I actually prepare 2KCal of Huel from a 400KCal pack? Also, this would mean that a 100g pack is good for 200 servings of 2KCal each? This doesn’t add up, especially when another forummer’s post mentioned that 1 scoop (30-odd gm) of Huel is less than 200 cals.

I’m thoroughly confused now. I aim to consume 1,400 - 1,500 calories a day. So how should I be making the Huel. Also, please bear in mind that I do not have the Huel scoops since it doesn’t come with the sample pack (but I do have other scoops from previous whey protein, but I imagine the sizes would be different).

Thanks in advance!

350g of Huel daily for that target.

People use the term calories, but it’s actually Kcal, calories is just easier generally.

100g = 400kcal

You want 1800kcal, so need 450g of huel

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Ah, I feel quite daft now.

Thanks for the clarification!

So basically a Calorie is equal to 1000 calories, which is also equal to 1kcal. The case of the C is extremely important.

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And what a moronic system that is. Anyone that couldn’t see that leading to confusion should have been put into a medically induced coma (I don’t believe in capital punishment, though if you want to accidentally pull the plug on them I won’t say anything).

Stick to kcal as I’ve never seen anyone refer to kCal (if anyone has they should be stoned & not in the good way).

It’s a stupid system. To add to the confusion, kcal and kCal would also be different, as kcal means kilocalorie which is 1000 calories or 1 Calorie, whilst kCal would mean kiloCalorie which would be equal to 1000 Calories/kcals, or 1000000 calories.

1 kCal = 1000 kcal = 1000 Calories = 1000000 calories.

A kCal is very rarely used (if ever), and a calorie is mainly used in chemistry and physics. In nutrition, kilocalories (kcal) - which are the same as Calories - are used almost exclusively (along with kilojoules (kJ)).