I think an IPO would be great especially if they did an extended ‘friends and family’ offering to customers in the same way brands like GoPro did. It would also hopefully allow them the flexibility to significantly expand their manufacturing and distribution networks to drive down product prices in the same way Beyond are doing.

Woop! @JamesM_Huel has posted some more information right here if you wanted to read it.

Just to clarify, this number is for revenue not profit. And is only the information up to July 2021. After reading reddit this feels important to clarify :raised_hands:

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similarly, looping back to the article Hunzas linked, business valuations are estimates based on many factors and have little to do with turnover or profit directly :slight_smile:

Absolutely. It does show a great achievement by the company.

And 30 new products currently in development shows a commitment to growing the business.

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I hope they all cost the same :eyes:


@Tim_Huel any hints on these new product developments? :eyes: :eyes: :face_with_peeking_eye:

I’ve heard that granola is coming back. Ssh, pass it on.

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