Last scoop in the bag

How do you get the last scoop of Huel out of the bag without it going everywhere? It all gets stuck in the folds at the bottom of the bag and you can’t get it out with the scoop. I tried pouring out but this didn’t go well, most of it ended up on the kitchen worktop. Anyone got any tips for getting the last bit of Huel out of the bag?

Cut off the top three-quarters of the bag off so there’s no plastic ridge for the powder to get stuck on, and not much bag for the powder to get lost in.
Shake all the powder to one corner of the bag.
Squeeze the edge of the bag to make a narrow spout to pour through.
Slowly pour/tap the Huel into the shaker.
If you’re still inaccurate, use something wider to catch it, like a hubcap or an old fashioned bin lid.


Alternatively, pour water in the bag and lick it clean like a filthy animal.


Take the bag into space. Open the bag and then, quick as you can, pull the bag away from the powder, leaving it floating in the air where you can collect it safely.

Put a fistful of weevils in the bag. Wait a few hours, then catch the weevils. Kill them and grind them up with your Huel® Pestle & Mortar. Make a delicious shake with the mostly Huel but partly weevil powder. No longer vegan unfortunately.

Also, this is a long shot, but do you happen to have a vacuum cleaner? They are quite popular amongst the middle classes and their servants. If you have one or have access to one, your problems are solved. You may have a new problem but, one thing at a time.


You can easily pick these up in hipster restaurants.


Pay £30 for a salad just so you can steal a hubcap? There’s millions of them right out in the street!

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Good tip on cutting the top of the bag off. I might give the other suggestions a miss. Thanks.


It works well. Just tap the powder out instead of tipping it until it falls, because it’ll hang on until suddenly the whole lot falls out at once.

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Sounds good advice to me

Those crimps on the inside edges are pretty annoying so I found easiest way is to just squeeze the bag (near the top) in from the sides to form a spout in the middle and gently shake it out. The bag material is rigid enough to do this and it works fine.

I stick my head in the pouch.

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is that a euphemism? :smiley:


I curl up the edges to invert in into the mouth of my next bag, open it out and tap the bottom hard. No mess and clean bag.

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I do what David does, and cut the bag in half then pour out.

Cut off the top of the corner. Then it’s like a funnel :slight_smile: just be careful when cutting.
I try to get it all into one corner then pinch the empty corner, cut it, (while pinched) I then get it all over to the empty/pinched side. Then slowly release my fingers.
I do this with powders in general.

Cutting the bag works well, as David suggests.

You can use a spare shaker or lid etc as an inversion trap inside a smooth section of the bag, if you like a more challenging method or are in the wilds away from scissors.

go high (medium) tech and use a mini cordless capsule vacuum :grin:

I just shake the remaining powder into a new bag. You can tuck the edges of the old bag so that they fit inside the new bag, preventing any powder escaping.