Getting the last bit out

When the bag is nearly empty and there is just a scrap in the bottom I always make a pigs dinner of getting it out. Any tips to do this neatly?

I empty all mine into a plastic container which I find much easier to use.


Not sure I follow. If you are saying there is powder left at the bottom of the bag, the I would just add some water to the bag, and then pour into your shaker bottle or glass or whatever.

I don’t know if this is what you mean, but I kept making a mess just trying to tip the last bit of powder out along the sharp edges of the bag, but seem to have better luck making a gentle fold on the long side and pouring it out that way - seems to flow a bit smoother when I tap the bag, not getting stuck and then flying out at random speeds.

The bag is big though! That sounds like it would make a mess…

Yes, that sounds like a good solution :slight_smile:

same. the 4000ml tub below which is only a couple of quid holds one 1.78kg bag of Huel. The bags are too noisy at work I feel as I make the Huel at my desk.