Who else is a bit over organised?

All my Hule weighed out into 57g pots, two of them make my lunch. :blush:
I also decant my Huel bags into a Tub for easier use, no mess and no messing around trying to seal the bag :blush:


You are not alone … you can fit 100g in these tubs if you pack down.
Great little items.


This looks like a great idea, never considered it before. I get powder everywhere when I prepare my Huel, do you find this method creates less mess?

This is by no means better … I have to mess around quite a bit to pack 100g in.
I only use this if I need it to travel or use at work.

I tend to use the traditional preparation the night before and refrigerate for the next day.

I have very little mess

i use these…they stack…and hold 100grams with no mess or packing down…sometimes add 5g inulin.

I store my huel in these. Fits whole bag. Easier to use. But I can’t remember size :frowning:

I do the same then just decant into the smaller ones when I need

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My wife has finally found a use for all those GÜ pots we’ve collected! Each one holds about 50g with a bit of room to spare. If we found a little lid that fits these would be perfect for travelling. They are glass so super easy to clean out.