Perfect size tubs

4L tubs for £2.50 from our local discount shop are the perfect size for a bag of black powder


That’s very satisfying to look at, Emma! Out of interest why do you decant entire pouches? I guess just ease of storage, so you can stack them like this?

The bags wouldn’t close properly


I still like to use the original bags compared to the tubs. The further down the bag you get the less room it takes up in the cupboard. My bags have been closing a lot better recently.

I decant the entire pouch. Not for storage, I just find it less messy to spoon the Huel out of a container than to open the pouch, scoop out and then close the pouch each time.


This is mine. 4L containers for 3.0, 2L for h&s. I find it much cleaner and easier to store this way. I keep the containers in the cupboard so I’m not worried about the light affecting them.


Ditto with me. So much easier to scoop out and less mess.


Good idea, I’ll have a hunt around for some 4L tubs for mine. The bags/zip closures huel comes in are awful.

Fair enough, I would just find the mess of decanting far outweighing the mess of scooping!

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How much mess you make decanting would depend on the shape of the container I think. I use the type designed for cereal with a removable lid, the same as @Herbivore has shown in the photo. This means I can open the pouch, slide the container over the top then flip 180 degrees and pull up the pouch. There is a bit of dusting when you shake and remove the pouch but not much, and it’s a one time mess. I’d like to think I’m a Huel pro by now, but I just can’t open scoop and close the pouches without making some mess each time, whereas with using tubs you just make a mess once.

I like the 2 liter ones, where did you get them? I can find Chef’s Path but not 2l

Yeah I agree with this! I’ve been using huel for a while and no matter what I do I get puffs of powder every time I open the bags, and it’s potluck whether the zip will work properly or take forever to close. Tipping the powder into the containers does make a tiny bit of mess but it’s just a one time thing and then I don’t have to deal with it every evening.

Sorry I forgot they’re 1.5L! They just barely fit a full bag of h&s and I think the reason I had 2L in my mind is because I do think 2L would be better if you can find it. The 1.5 is fine, it’s just a squeeze until you have one meal out of it. I’d still recommend these ones though, I’ve used them for rice and lentils in the past and they’re very sturdy and I like the lids.

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Hi @Herbivore - where did you buy your containers?


I can’t find exact links at the moment but both are on amazon from the brand Chefs Path. They both regularly go on sale as far as I know- I’ve had the smaller ones for a long time and frequently recommend them to friends because I love them! They’re perfect for Huel.

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I found them on Amazon however, seems you have to buy a pack of them which is probably more than you want/need. I do like the smaller ones but can’t seem to find them without having to buy lots.

Morrisons do these (currently £5.50) which hold a full bag of Huel. I have some myself.


I bought a 4-pack of the 4L Chef’s Path containers from Amazon. Just the right size (and quantity) for what I need. Thanks @Herbivore.

You guys got me onto the perfect storage boxes dig :sweat_smile: Check out what I found :point_down:
They’re a bit fancy / expensive and maybe a bit small BUT very aesthetically pleasing! I know they’re promoted for ‘Spice Jar’ but suitable for any dry powder.

Labelled Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids, Eco Friendly, Storage

keep in mind that any non opaque container would need to be stored in a dark cupboard.

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