Perfect size tubs

Good point! I didn’t think of that. Thanks Phil :rabbit:

Really thinking of getting some tubs especially after this morning where I opened a new bag only to find out the seal doesn’t work :rage:

What about folding the top of the bag over and using a clip to hold it in place? I know it doesn’t address the annoyance you’re experiencing but it is still a suitable solution (in my opinion) :hugs:

Or this too haha :point_up_2:t2: :raised_hands:t2:

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Sorry to hear this! Is there powder stuck in the seal? Sometimes that is the cause and running some form of card through it can help remove it.

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Unfortunately not, just a broken seal I guess.

Please can you pop this in an email to with a picture of the batch code and expiry date on the back of the pouch? Preferably with a photo or video of the issue too if you can!

Can do but tbh I am not that bothered, i’ll just fold it over and clip it like Harry said. First world problems and all

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Just ordered these, thanks! So fed up of my Huel Black opening itself when I move the bag even slightly to get to something else in the cupboard!

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I find that the zip-lock fastening gets clogged up with powder which makes it difficult to seal properly. I try to clear the zip, but it can be difficult. Sometimes I think it is sealed, only to realise it isn’t. When it IS clear, there is a ‘click’ when it is closed, and I feel the flatness of the seam.

use the patented finger flick method - works a treat,

Yep, flicking along the top of the bag, both sides simultaneously is a good habit to get into.

I wouldn’t mind getting some containers for hot and savoury. I already have some repurposed protein powder containers for powder. I do have an old sunwarrior protein powder container for one of my h&s but the rest still in bags.

I’ve never had a problem. I use my thumb nail to clear any powder from the ziplock and it seals perfectly.

4 litre tubs, you say? Thank you for this useful gem of information. I’ve been wanting tubs for a while (I always have a few bags of H&S on the go as well as a couple of bags of powder and they’re all crammed into a drawer and it’s ridiculous in there) so I’m stoked to find out the right size needed.

I think it’s 2 litre for H&S. I did buy 4L for BE thanks to this thread, and it worked perfectly. Need to get some smaller ones sorted though.

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