The new, smaller bags are awkward and inconvenient

I really dislike the new, half-size Huel bags.

  • They’re almost the same height as the original, “full-size” ones, meaning there’s no real advantage in terms of being able to stand them upright in height-restricted cupboard space.
  • Trying to stack them flat, on top of each other, doesn’t work anymore. There’s twice as many of them now, so trying to stack a 2-week supply consisting of 8 bags on top of each other doesn’t work. They slip and slide against each other and the mini-mountain just topples over, no matter how flat you try to make each bag beforehand.
  • So if you shake them a bit, to get the powder to go to the bottom so that they can stand upright, the surface area at the bottom is pretty much the same as for the original full-size bags meaning that each bag, when you try to position them next to each other, takes up the same amount of space as the originals. But because there’s twice as many bags now, storing them standing up next to each other takes twice as much space in the cupboard.

I hope the “problem with the supplier” can be sorted out, and that the bigger bags can be used again in future.

Have they atleast improved the seal?

Do you have already received the new bags? That’s pretty quick!

That’s disappointing - I expected them to be half as high, which would have been perfect for travelling.

For those who are interested, here is a picture of one of the new bags (batch 2093) standing in front of an original (opened) bag.

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That’s a significant difference if we were comparing computer screen sizes, but we’re not.

I’ve just got a 3.5L Tupperware for my ‘active’ Huel and keep the rest in a box atop a kitchen cupboard and out of the way, could that work for you?

Yes, I think that ultimately the best solution is going to be to put the powder into a plastic container. Then the bags won’t matter.


I had another brand that did ‘one bag = one meal’. It’s super easy to work out how much to have (and carry about) but yeah, having 25 small bags to store drove me crazy.

Thank you for the feedback.

This is the what happened. We ordered 10,000 pouches, the original size, from a new supplier. We waited 6 weeks for them, when they finally turned up we tested them for durability and the bottom gusset failed. So we rejected them. This left us with no pouches, the normal lead time for pouches is about 4-8 weeks. So we had two choice, 1) stop production of Huel, 2) Find a supplier who had kept blank stock.

Luckily, we found someone and had the new pouches and these were delivered within 24 hours. So as you can see this was a forced decision and no our choice we had to go with what was available.

Funnily enough I was at a new pouch supplier yesterday. I think we have a solution you will like, 1.7kg pouches but significantly smaller than the original pouch, and a better seal. But the lead time is 8 weeks even though they are made in Europe, these are high quality pouches so I think it will be worth wait.