How do you get the last scoop out


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That pesky last scoop :laughing: I find the effort of getting out the last bit is just never worth it! By the time I get it all out it’s usually less than 20g!

I just had to do this a moment ago, don’t really know how to articulate it, but basically fold the seam in half and use it as a funnel. Then sort of swish the pouch occasionally to the bits in the corner. Usually after I’ve scooped most of it out it really is <20g left in the pouch though!

I do that, except shake out the old pouch into the new pouch.

That’s a great idea :slight_smile:

However, I cut open the bag making it easier to get to the 20g of gold inside

Just shake it into the next tub. I never waste it. I have four protein tubs with a bit of powder in the bottom waiting for the next delivery.

Just fill the bag with a bit of hot water and mix. It’s sealed and doesn’t leak, then you can just easily pour it out. Simples.


Great idea, why hot?

Hot water in case there are stubborn clumps of powder and plant material that get stuck and don’t mix easily. Also hot water because it’s immediately available from your kettle (presumably, at least - that’s how I make it!). But feel free to just mix with tap water.

Getting the last few grams out of the Huel complete protein tubs is not particularly easy.

At the moment the shaker goes in the sink and then some sharp taps on the bottom of the tub over the shaker and hope for the best. :crossed_fingers:

invert the tub with the lid still on - do your taps then unscrew the lid while still holding it upside down?


Brilliant. Thanks @Phil_C

I use scissors

Wouldn’t a spoon be easier? :wink:


This is my strategy too!

Pour some water in to the bag, shake it like the singer of Outkast would, freeze it, cut open the bag, remove the cube, pop it in your drink and let it melt. Easiest way I find. Don’t freeze it though. Just slosh it out.