Tip: dealing with the end of the bag

I’ve always found the end of each bag of Huel a bit maddening because it’s difficult to scoop out those final few grams, and just tipping it directly into the shaker usually sends Huel flying everywhere.

Emptying the end of the previous bag into your just-opened next bag solves this: the pour is easy and mess-free, and you then just scoop on as usual.

Of course I’m sure that this solera approach to managing your Huel won’t pass muster with Health & Safety, but those risk-takers among you may find it resolves a minor nuisance.


Works for me too.

I cut the bag in half for easy pouring straight into the Breville Active bottle using a funnel from an Areo Press.


It took my wife starting on huel for me to discover this approach.
I had been doing all manner of idiocy, like trying to pour the bag into the scoop. Never crossed my mind to tip the end of one bag into another.
it was a serious facepalm moment.

also, cutting the bag in half makes the pouring much easier and avoids it getting stuck in the folds as Peas says