Light poop

Hi guys,

how is the poop after eating huel?
I’m a little bit worried

It looks extremely light…

What do you mean by that? It looks like it isn’t heavy, it is light in colour or it glows in the dark, or something else.

She means that is small I guess. That with normal food the" waste" is much bigger.

I think perhaps light in colour? Are you eating only Huel @Coloxim? What you are eating can often determine the colour of your poo. However, if stools are consistently very pale (claylike) in colour and offensive smelling best to check this out with your GP.

Sorry guys…
I mean it is not heavy…
I’ve never eaten waste food, but is the first time that I see my poop light like cork

I think is not normal

How long have you been consuming Huel and how much a day are you having? What else are you eating and how much water are you drinking a day.
If you have just started Huel our bodies need time to adapt to it and with the fibre content we need to drink more water.

Apparently in Ayurveda a yellow floaty stool is a sign of a good digestive system.

Gas in the stool causes it to float. Good old gas sounds familiar :wink:

I/ve tried the ayurvedic approach and the poo should be formed/banana shaped - not hard obviously and not too soft, gassy and floating either

You don’t want a tarry sinker though :wink:

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Congratulations…that is the most disgusting thing I have read thus far on the Huel forum.


:smile: At least you were (kind of) forewarned by the header…


to be honest…it didn’t really prepare me for your reply…


Hope you were entertained :blush:

Russell Crowe said something similar in Gladiator, just thought I would mention it…