Poop colour

Straight to the point. My poop has exactly the same colour as the powder. ATM I’m drinking strawberry cream flavor. And my poop has this sandy really light color with tiny black dots, like the powder.

Drinking 2-3 scoops per day. Eating one other meal, and sometime som snack in-between.

Should I be worried? O.o

How does it taste?


I’ve not experienced this with Huel. I have with beetroot…

Hey @Ashes - welcome to the Huel forum!

Has this just recently changed from your normal? If you are noticing any changes to your bowel movements that may be out of the ordinary with regard to color or consistency, the best person to assist you here would be your doctor as they have your complete medical history.

Have you tried reducing or taking Huel out of your intake and if so, have you noticed any additional changes?

I’ve been on huel since the beginning of January, when I also started eating according to fodmap. With about the same amount of intake of huel as now without change.

I had the stated above colour for the last 3-4 days when I wrote this post. my bowel movement changed in the sense that when I needed to go on the toilet, I really needed to go in 5 minutes or there would have been a catastrophic event.
It lasted for another day or so and now I’m back to normal.

Think I might have cut down on some huel the last days, to around 2 scoops some of the days and some other days 3.

I’m currently studying from home so I don’t have so mutch daily routines, hence not so sure of my huel intake the last days.

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