Liver problem

Hi I’ve been using huel since July taking it twice a day to loose weight and keep fit cycling November came and I had a liver test because I felt ill and my enzymes were 800 now before I started taking huel I also had liver test and it was normal so can anyone help is huel causing my high enzymes cheers I’m a new be

Hi and welcome to the forum. I think that’s a good question for @JamesCollier to help out with.

Hi Ian thanks for your response I’ve clicked on James Collier but I’m afraid I don’t know how to get in touch with him I’m not very savvy on these sites

Hi @Stokiebri10. Ian tagged James, just as I have tagged you, so he’ll pick up and hopefully have time to answer the question.

How come you had the LFT in the first place? Pre-Huel, I mean.

@Stokiebri10 Sorry Brian I should of explained that I tagged James for you. Thanks @Bee :smiley:


Well I’m sixty four this July so I’d do have sirtain health issues and for a few years I’ve had a testosterone injection every ten weeks so it was checked every so often and no issues but I started huel in July and then November there was high levels of enzymes now I’m not sure what’s responsible I’m having my liver checked in May

Thanks and sorry, I didn’t mean to be intrusive :thinking:

No problem bee thanks for your response sorry about spelling

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Hi @Stokiebri10 - welcome

Which liver enzyme reading was it that raised specifically?

When did you have the blood taken for this reading?

When did you have your last testosterone injection?

Are you on any other medication?

Hi enzymes were ALt AST ALP can’t remember the rest that was November then I stopped taking huel few weeks later had another test lblood test and the enzymes had dropped to 300 now I I started taking huel again six weeks ago I’ve had another blood test and it’s still raised but I haven’t got how much it’s gone up I’m going for a fibroscan in May I’m not sure myself if huel is having an affect on me but it seem to coincide with me having huel I mean I love huel it’s a great drink especially when I’m cycling


Thanks, but which of the three were raised and by how much?

Also, when do you have your testosterone injections and when did you have your blood tests?

If you can answer my questions above, it will help me see if I’m able to offer any advice.


Thanks James for getting back to me all I was told the enzymes were all over and he place I’m exspecting a call off the doctor soon I will ask him testosterone haven’t had any since September doctor advised to stop taking it sorry about this I’m not blaming huel it could be any thing I take blood pressure tablets morphine because of arthritis in my back sum how the cycling doesn’t cause any pain I take metformin but these tablets are lowest dose I know it sounds a lot but I haven’t had problems with my liver untill November c I’ve had a word with doctor my enzymes level and is 259 but it should be 40tgeres another one which I’ve completely forgot sorry but that’s gone up to 900 and should be in the 50s I hope it’s not the huel but I’ve been advised to stop taking it until I as the specialist it’s probably the medicine I’m on cheers James