Lumps in Huel powder

Usually my Huel powder is extremely fine, blends without issue. I have noticed my last couple of batches of chocolate have had large lumps which break up as soon as you put the scoop through them- I can also see white ‘bits’ in the powder. Tastes as normal but was wondering if anyone has noticed this with chlorate recently.

Are you saying that the lumps are just in the Huel pouch, but break up when you scoop? Are you noticing there to be a significant issue with your Huel once you have mixed it?

Some top tips on reducing lumps in your mixed Huel:

  • Add water to your shaker first
  • Don’t overfill the shaker with water, you need head room in the shaker so it has room to shake - 500ml is perfect for us
  • Use the ice barrier, this probably helps break up lumps, stops Huel clumping in the spout on the first shake, and will block any residual lumps being consumed
  • Shake really, really hard for at least 10 seconds, in all directions
  • If lumps persist, adding a blender ball will help
  • Leave your Huel in the fridge will smoothen your Huel, at least a few hours is best. You can make your Huel and leave it overnight if you like
  • Failing all that, blend it with an electric blender

Hope that helps, but please do clarify what you mean.

Thanks, no the lumps are just in the Huel pouch, it is only this and the last batch of chocolate I have found it to be an issue with. It may just be a disproportionately high level of oats in that particular batch (powdered oats often clump together in lumps in my experience).