Dissolving the powder


I’ve been using Huel powders and hot meals for quite some months now. The only issue I have is being unable to get the powders to dissolve properly. There is always a claggy lump at the bottom of my mixer, as well as in the lid, and I’m always having to swallow lumps of the stuff!! I have tried putting less in first, and shaking it for longer, before adding a bit more at at time, but nothing seems to help.

I’m at a loss as to what I am doing wrong. It happens with both the black and the white

Please help

What kind of shaker/mixer are you using? It needs to have something like a grid at the top which bashes the lumps up. Mixer balls are OK but they are not as effective as a grid.

To prevent powder getting stuck in the lid of the shaker, if you swirl the shaker first it will partially mix it up before you shake it up and down. Shaking it up without mixing anything first launches powder into the lid where it gets stuck.

I’ve got the huel white shaker with the grid. I’ll try the swirling around today, and see if that helps. Thanks for the advice

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I add half the water first, then all the powder on top. Do the swirly thing, then shake like hell. Leaving the shaker half empty means there’s loads of room for everything to splash around and mix properly. Then I open the cap and add the rest of the water through there (which washes away any sneaky dry bits that hid in there). A bit more shaking then put it in the fridge for at least six hours.

Shake again before drinking. If you have a clear shaker you’ll see loads of bits have floated to the top in a scummy way, so you need to mix them back in.

Bonus thing I noticed: if you shake away the floaty scum, but then put it back in the fridge for a few more hours, the floaty scum doesn’t come back.


excellent advice for all kinds of situations.

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I use those as well and to be honest I don’t get any lumps when the grid is fitted.

Far too much going on here. Water, powder, swirl, shake, boom. And by boom I mean drink.

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You guzzle lumps and dry clumps from a shaker you’ve never washed. You ram fistfuls of dry powder into your gob. You tear a bag of Huel open then leave it in the rain. Then you come on here and post “seems perfect to me you must be doing it wrong mate”.

We’re not all hungry hungry hippos. Some of us have standards. A methodology.

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I never got on with the grid, I now use very cold water and a mixer ball, seems to work ok for me.

It can be time consuming but a blender is the way, plus a little water.

I’ve never had this problem since switching to Black Edition for what it’s worth - seems to be a smoother texture, if that’s any use to you.