Lupus and Huel

I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus almost 10 years ago. Even before diagnosis, I struggled with appetite loss and trying to make myself eat. I used to use a “well known” diet shake to ensure I at least managed to get something in me, but was surprised to find it is not nutritionally balanced. I was eventually tested as severe vitamin D deficiency (I am photosensitive, so it’s hard to make sure I get enough sun and vitamin D.)

After some coaxing from my husband, who knew I clearly needed to eat something nutritionally balanced, I’ve started Huel.

This is at least week 2 of one or two Huel meals a day, and I am finding that my urine smells. Is this common, will it go away, is it ok to ignore, or should I ask my doctor for a protein check of my urine? Proteinuria is sometimes a symptom of lupus flare, although I have not experienced it before.

I use unflavoured Huel with a teaspoon of the mocha flavour.

l do believe some people say their urine smells a bit like popcorn. Is that anything like it?