Magnesium levels

Hi guys,

I just received my Huel and I had to give it a try! First of all it tastes decent with the vanilla - I’m missing a bit of flavour though, but I’ll give it a try with more vanilla (can never hurt right? ;))

One thing, when I was reading about what it actually contains, I saw specially the amount of magnesium you get from it, is rather high. Actually so high that some people even warn about the amount of magnesium over a longer period of time.

Say I wanted to go all in with this, like replacing all my meals with it, would it actually be a healthy solution, even though you get way more magnesium (which is known for causing low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, etc).

Do you have any thoughts about this if you want to go all in? My plan is to replace at least one meal (whatever it being breakfast or lunch), so I guess I’m within the safe limits - but I was just wondering!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @LucasRolff

Thanks for the feedback.

The magnesium in Huel is higher than the RDA, but this is because the natural ingredients in Huel contain naturally occurring magnesium. A varied solid diet is likely to supply equally high amounts of magnesium.

Also, there is actually no evidence that magnesium from diet causes any harm in humans with normal kidney function. It’s impossible to consume amounts that would cause problems from solid food or Huel.

There’s nothing to worry about here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!

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