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Hi everybody, i am Lorenzo from italy, i am really close to what it is now called a picky eater, i tend to skip vegs and fruit almost entirely from my diet which is basically made of pasta, pizza, bread, meat, potatoes and desserts, needless to say that has caused more than a problem throughout my life, like weight (which is now too much for my standards), bowel inflammation and sleep problems.

I am now beginning using huel for 1 meal a day to avoid a sudden change but so far i’m already super happy with it, the flavours are great (caramel is like one of the best things i have ever had in my life :)) and after just 1 week i feel really good about it as i can avoid eating all the things that are bad for me without craving them (in fact i’d have caramel huel over most of the food even if it wasn’t healthy :))

My only small concern is that there are several nutrients that on a full huel diet go way above the RDA (the first i remember on top of my head is manganese which is more than 4 times higher than the RDA)
Can this cause problems or am i just being overly cautious ?

Bye everybody !

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Hi there, I can’t really answer your question about RDA, but I just wanted to say welcome to the forum!

First off, welcome to forum and good to hear you like it :slight_smile:

The RDA is a recommendation, it doesn’t say anything about the tolerable upper level.
As a matter of fact, for many thing there is no TUL defined (yet).
The few that might cause inconvenience/issues aren’t passed the TUL either as this has
been taken into account. Having more than the RDA could actually have (additional) benefits.

For your example, Mananese.

Manganese is LIKELY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth in amounts up to 11 mg per day. However, people who have trouble getting rid of manganese from the body, such as people with liver disease, may experience side effects when taking less than 11 mg per day.
source : WebMD

Now take the New Vanilla flavour, it has 8.9 mg at 2.000 kcal .
That means approx. 500g of Huel (ie. 4 x 125g meals) and even past the mentioned 11g they
say it might be unsafe but there is no upper limit.

Just a little help from Google got me this, have to admit, but that helps me with many questions :wink:
Hope this helps a little bit, if not, there are some others on this forum with actual knowledge :joy:

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@ChrisH0402 is right that those levels are likely safe. Further read:
ESFA on why there is no Upper limit:

Page 59

Soylent forum on why the number is 11mg:

not sure how true this is but certainly interesting.

US guidelines referenced on the soylent forum:

Welcome to Huel Lorenzo!

The manganese in Huel is all naturally occurring. Nutritionally, manganese is one of the least toxic of all elements because, when excess is consumed, absorption is very low and that which is absorbed is efficiently excreted via bile and the kidneys. There has never been a reported case of anyone consuming too much manganese from food, and there is no evidence that the consumption of a manganese-rich plant-based diet, as in the case of Huel Powder, results in manganese toxicity. The only caution is in people who suffer from chronic liver disease who should consult their doctor before consuming Huel Powder.

You can see more about the vitamins and minerals in Huel here: and through other articles here:

Essentially, there may also be higher levels because of health benefits above the RDA and to account for reduced absorption.

If you want anecdotal evidence too, I consumed 3000kcal per day of Huel for a few weeks, and my blood test was normal (very good in fact!)

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thank you all for the replies, i’m going full huel very soon and that is reassuring, bye !

Hello Lorenzo - to top up on RyanT’s comments - I have been replacing at least 2 meals a day with Huel for a few months and have to have regular blood work done as part of some treatment I am having. There have been absolutely no signs of ill effects from doing this in fact quite the opposite - things have improved significantly!

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Hi Lorenzo,
I am from Italy as well and I have recently started Huel. For the time being just Berry Granola and powder (unflavored and original flavour).
I use it for lunch in the office (i.e. from Mo to Fri) and it is very convenient and cheaper and healthier than going to local cafés.
I used it also when I travel for work. I have no major concern at the moment. I have read on (I can’t remember if on the packs or in the booklet I have received with my first offer) that it might have laxative effects but In my case it’s the other way round: my trips to the toilet are less frequent than before.
Anyone else is experiencing the same?

Ciao Matteo

Same here, my bowel has accepted huel better than expected (i am starting “slow” to make sure of it), and way better than it accepts the food i usually eat so it’s a win win since the taste for me is really good